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The Importance of Potency The Importance of Potency We concentrate on nutritional potency at relevant levels in all our supplements. We ... Read More
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The Ingredients We Use The Ingredients We Use We use pharmaceutical grade nutrients in our supplements, to secure purity and potenc... Read More
Serious About Nutrition Serious About Nutrition Real everyday nutrient deficiencies are common and affect the lives of people in the UK. Read More
Product Quality and GMP Product Quality and GMP Consistent production and labelling on all products allow us to deliver comprehensive... Read More
Ginkgo Adulteration Ginkgo Adulteration It takes well over 50 kilos of dried ginkgo leaf to make just one kilo of extract and... Read More
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Is it worth saving a penny a day? Is it worth saving a penny a day? We don’t compromise on quality. Our supplements are excellent value and our products ... Read More