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Spider Veins

Spider Veins

Spider veins are nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about, however, some people become self-conscious due to their appearance and seek treatment for their removal.

What are spider veins?

Spider veins (also known as telangiectasias) are clusters of tiny blood vessels which are usually red, blue or purple. These are not considered harmful to health.
They get their name as they look like spider webs due to their short, jagged lines. For some people they are hardly noticeable but for others they can become unsightly. People can become self-conscious due to their appearance and seek treatment for their removal. Spider veins are usually harmless and typically occur on the face or on the thighs.

How do I know I have spider veins?

Spider veins can be diagnosed by a physical examination of your skin as well as some questions about your symptoms. Sometimes you may have an ultrasound which is used to see the veins structure and check the blood flow.

What causes spider veins?

Spider veins are thought to arise as a result of tiny capillaries following a route of least resistance (which is close to the skin surface) as they grow through the dermis of the skin.
They are believed to do this because their walls, which are made largely of collagen, are weakened to the extent that the pressure of blood in them is able to form bulges in the vessel wall and the capillaries basically then grow in the direction of the bulge.

Are spider veins genetic? 

We know that there is a hereditary link but also that the likelihood of developing spider veins increases with age. Other risk factors include smoking, prolonged sitting or standing, obesity, chronic constipation, pregnancy, injury, sun damage, a history of blood clots and hormone therapy or birth control pills [8].

Spider veins vs varicose veins

Varicose veins are swollen blood vessels that are large and raised in appearance and form a twisted pattern.  They are most commonly found in the legs and are obviously seen through the skin.
Spider veins also form a twisted pattern; however, they are much smaller and are red, blue and purple in appearance.  They are also visible through the skin and are often found on the face, chest or legs.

Spider veins treatment

Alongside some lifestyle factors, there are treatment options available to support the reduction in the appearance of spider veins.

Anthocyanins (also known as Anthocyanidins)

Anthocyanidins are a safe and natural approach to tackling health problems such as weakened blood vessels. Research has now established that diets low in anthocyanidins and related compounds, are likely to result in weakened blood vessels.
To reverse these problems, anthocyanidins need to be added to the diet in safe but sensible supplies. In plants, anthocyanidins are responsible for the pigments that give fruit and berries their fabulous rich colours. Dark skinned fruit such as black grapes, cherries and blackberries can provide useful levels of anthocyanidins. The trouble is that we just don’t eat enough of these foods to have a significant effect. If you already think you have a problem with blood vessels, then a concentrated supplement could be ideal to provide a convenient, reliable intake of these precious anthocyanidins.

Anthocyanin supplements

One such supplement derived from natural food sources is Colladeen® Visage. This product contains one of the highest levels of anthocyanidins available. In fact, two tablets of Colladeen® Visage provide an impressive level of 320mg of anthocyanidins, the equivalent of 200 black grapes a day!

Anthocyanins benefits


What we did in the study

We conducted a study with women who had spider veins on their thighs. We split the women into two groups. One group were given Colladeen® Visage and the other group were given a placebo. Their spider veins were visually assessed and graded using an established protocol. The visual assessment and grading were repeated at the end of the study.

Study results

This groundbreaking study found that the group taking the Colladeen® Visage had a 50% reduction in the appearance of their spider veins whereas the placebo group showed no change.

What this means

Taking Colladeen® Visage for just 24 weeks can reduce your spider veins by 50%! This fantastic result confirms the many anecdotal reports we have had from the thousands of women that take Colladeen® Visage every day.

Colladeen® Visage

Colladeen Visage

Colladeen® Visage is a food supplement containing a specially selected combination of vitamins and plant derived active ingredients for skin health and beauty. The combination of nutrients may play a protective role against the damaging effects of sunlight on the skin, providing sun protection from within.

What are the benefits of Colladeen® Visage?

  • Clinically proven sun protection factor SPF 15*

  • 50% reduction in spider veins

  • Reduction in wrinkle depth and appearance

  • Measurable improvements in skin elasticity and firmness


What’s next?

Find more information about other skin health concerns, receive free expert advice from our Nutrition Advisors, or buy Colladeen® Visage today.

We’re confident that you will be happy with your products but if for any reason you are not, we will happily refund your money in full.


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