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Sun protection

Sun protection

You can’t eat sunscreen. But what if we told you that what you ate may help to build an internal SPF to complement your normal sun protection regime? That’s right.

Is there a natural sunscreen?

Colladeen Visage

With powerful plant pigments, like lutein and anthocyanidins, you can now prime your body for the sunshine and produce an internal SPF of 10 in just 12 weeks. Say hello to our sun-safe powerhouse, Colladeen® Visage.

How does UV affect the skin?

The Earth is protected by a layer in the upper atmosphere known as the ozone layer. The ozone layer acts as a barrier absorbing UV radiation preventing the majority of it reaching the Earth. However, UV radiation can still pass through this barrier, particularly at certain times of year. Exposure to this ultraviolet light is harmful to our skin and puts us at risk.

What supplements help with sun exposure?

Consider this: any plant that grows in bright sunshine has to protect its delicate DNA from sun damage. To execute this, our green friends have evolved special compounds and pigments to shield themselves from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Impressive, right? Found in leafy green vegetables, fruits and berries, many of these nutrients are also critically important for us, like antioxidants – powerhouses that neutralise highly reactive, potentially damaging chemicals called free radicals, which are produced in large amounts when we get too much sun.

What is in colladeen visage?

Colladeen® Visage contains super strength anthocyanidins plus two further ‘skin loving’ extracts, lutein and green tea. These nutrients have been included because research indicates that lutein, a well-known carotenoid, may play a protective role against the damaging effects of sunlight on skin. The significant amount of pure, natural lutein in this formula reflects the level used in a recent study. Green tea extract has a high level of active ingredients called polyphenols that have powerful antioxidant properties. Antioxidants are known to neutralise harmful radicals generated by the sun which can damage skin.

Two of the main causes of wrinkles are the decline of collagen and elastin production as we age and sun damage. Added vitamin C contributes to normal collagen formation for the normal function of skin and blood vessels and protection of cells from oxidative stress. Important B vitamins, biotin and niacin, both contribute to the maintenance of normal skin and mucous membranes and are included in Colladeen® Visage.


Colladeen® Visage sun protection study



How the test was conducted

We used the same tests as used to determine the SPF level for sun creams. The test measures the MED, (Minimal Erythemal Dose) and it was carried out on the same two groups of 60 adults.

At the start of the two studies each person has UV light shone on small patches of skin for increasing lengths of time. The next day the patches are examined to determine the shortest exposure time that caused reddening for each person. As with the other tests’ measurements were taken at the start then at regular intervals and at the end.

In both studies half the group took two tablets of Colladeen® Visage a day; the other half took identical looking ‘dummy’ placebo pills.

What we found

The average MED increased significantly in the group taking Colladeen® Visage and the effect increased with time. When the measurements taken at 12 weeks were calculated as an SPF, or sun protection factor, just as they would be for a sun cream, we found that on average a SPF of 10 was achieved. At 24 weeks this had increased to an SPF of 15.

The result

Taking Colladeen® Visage for 12 weeks gives an SPF of 10, and by 24 weeks it will be an SPF of 15, although this is an average result and will vary between people. So, all day long your skin can potentially have some protection against sun damage*. With results like this, Colladeen® Visage is the perfect way to support your sun protection regime.

*Please note: Colladeen® Visage should only be used as an additional protection against sun damage. It certainly does not replace your normal sun protection regime

What’s next?

Find more information about other skin health concerns, receive free expert advice from our Nutrition Advisors, or buy Colladeen® Visage today.

We’re confident that you will be happy with your products but if for any reason you are not, we will happily refund your money in full.


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