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Herbs: Our Guide to Powerful Plant Health

“More and more people are using herbs, growing and gathering them, and studying them for their enlivening and healing properties. Whether in the form of plant therapy, a dye garden, or a new favourite recipe, herbs can clearly enhance your life”
Llewellyn’s 2017 Herbal Almanac

Like Llewellyn, Nature’s Best believe that herbs can enhance our lives. Using our expertise and our passion we’ve created a range of quality, high potency supplements which deliver the power of herbs.

Our comprehensive range is all based on solid science, with relevant but safe potencies and formulated to our tight specifications. We never purchase off the shelf bulk tablets or capsules. Our primary concern is safety, and this is why we insist on the top-grade material from well-established suppliers. All our herbs are rigorously tested to be sure that they are free from contaminants like heavy metals, PCBs, PAHs, pesticides. We regularly reject raw materials that don’t meet our strict quality standards. Nature’s Best has a strict policy not to use any herb collected from the wild, and all our herbs are farmed commercially.

Lutein - For eye health

Did you know that most men and women in the UK only obtain 10% of the lutein and zeaxanthin needed each day from dietary sources? Latest research suggests we need at least 10mg of lutein and 2mg of zeaxanthin daily to maintain healthy eyes as we age. But as we’ve seen above, that’s not always easy. Interestingly, the highest concentrations of lutein are found in the macular of the eye where they form, what are termed the ‘macular pigments’. If you think of vitamin D as the ‘sunshine vitamin’ then you can think of lutein as the ‘vision nutrient’.

  • Lutein has to be obtained from our diet

  • We need at least 10mg of Lutein daily

  • Lutein is found in the macular of the eye

Eyewise® is one of the UK’s strongest lutein supplements, containing a super strength 20mg dose, naturally sourced ‘free-form’ Lutein. The body doesn’t make lutein and zeaxanthin on its own, so we have to acquire these important nutrients from our diet. The richest dietary sources of lutein are green, leafy vegetables such as kale and spinach. Uncooked kale contains 40μg lutein and zeaxanthin per 100g serving (cooked 19μg), and another good source, uncooked spinach provides about 12μg. But for most of us, consuming enough of these on a daily basis is tricky. Not surprisingly then, the average daily diet in the UK provides as little as 1-2mg lutein, which is why supplementing your diet with an extra lutein supplement is so important.

Echinacea - A popular seasonal herb

Also, known as the purple, or prairie, coneflower, Echinacea (pronounced ek-in-nay-sha) is a wild flower with daisy-like purple blossoms, native to central USA. Echinacea has been used in traditional herbal medicine for centuries, and in recent years it has become one of the most extensively used herbal remedies in the world. Studies suggest that complex substances called ‘phenolic compounds’ are responsible for Echinacea’s immune supporting properties.

Our easy to swallow film coated tablets contain 105mg of high strength Echinacea root extract, which is equivalent to 630mg-840mg of Echinacea root. We have chosen suppliers who make it their priority to deliver the highest potency possible. Taken to relieve the symptoms of cold or flu, Echinacea lives up to its fame, studies have shown that it has a positive effect on immune system health.

  • Relief for the symptoms of the common cold

  • Relief of influenza type infections

  • Sourced from commercially grown herbs, not endangered

Did you know?
Native Americans say that humans learned to use Echinacea by watching elk seeking out the herb and eating it whenever they were wounded or sick. They named it “elk root.”

Cranberry - A popular choice with women

Cranberry, or “Crane berry” as it is sometimes called (as the flower is likened to that of a crane’s head), is a vine-like shrub native to Canada and North America, harvested in autumn, and was widely traded amongst the indigenous people. Cranberries have long been popular with women. A number of clinical studies have shown positive outcomes for the use of cranberry juice and its extract to support urinary tract health. It would be difficult to obtain enough fresh cranberries from the diet to make a real difference, so supplements are a great alternative.

  • Cranberries are a rich source of anthocyanidins

  • Available in many forms; juice, dried, powder, supplements

We supply a range of cranberry products to meet various demands, all of which showcase the very best properties of this “super” food. Our Cranberry tablet provides the equivalent of over 18 grams of fresh cranberries as well as 50% NRV Vitamin C, which contributes to the normal function of the immune system. Our formula includes 750mg of a standardised Cranberry extract, which contains a rich source of anthocyanidins, special plant compounds found in dark skinned fruits as well as other flavonoids. Our Cranberry Concentrate powder is sugar free and mixed with FOS, a soluble fibre. This combination helps encourage the growth of friendly gut bacteria. Our whole dried cranberries are a sweet addition to baked goods, cereals or salads. They are high in fibre and make a convenient snack.

Did you know?
Did you know that Cranberries have small pockets where air seeps into that allows them to float? Used by North American populations for food and medicinal purposes since ancient times.

Rosehip - A ‘power-house’ of immune supporting properties

We may all be familiar with Rosehips being associated with vitamin C, but did you know that these beautiful fruits are a source of vitamin A, Iron, Calcium and Potassium? It is no wonder that this prized jewel has been an herbalist’s favourite for centuries. Traditionally used for its antioxidant and immune supporting properties, it has now become a popular supplement to take alongside glucosamine, turmeric and ginger.

  • Antioxidant properties

  • May help increase joint mobility

  • Rich source of vitamin C

We include a powerful 250mg of vitamin C in each Rosehip tablet, contributing to typical collagen formation and the normal function of cartilage, skin and blood vessels as well as the natural function of the immune and nervous system. Nature’s Best Rosehip 10,000mg is one of the UK’s strongest with 500mg Rosehip extract per tablet from 10,000mg of dried Rosehips. Double the level found in other mail order brands.

Did you know?
Included in the WWII ‘Hedgerow Harvest’ campaign of 1943, the Rosehip was singled out as being a valuable source of vitamin C, a nutrient lacking during rationing. Brits were encouraged to forage and make delicious recipes published in a wartime cook book, one such recipe is shown opposite.

Rosehip and Apple Jam

2 pints water (boiling), 1-pint rosehips (fully ripe), 1 lb cooking apples, 1-pint water, 2 lb sugar

Wash the hips, and put into boiling water, boil gently until soft: mash with a wooden spoon and strain through a jelly bag, allowing it to drip overnight. Measure the rosehip juice and make it up to 1 1⁄2 pints with water. Cook the apples in water until they are reduced to a thick pulp. Rub through a sieve. Mix juice and pulp and bring to the boil. Stir in sugar and when dissolved, boil rapidly until setting point is reached.

Garlic - Immunity and cardiovascular support

Garlic possesses remarkably effective powers, not only for the digestive system but it may also help to maintain normal cholesterol levels in the circulation when part of a healthy diet. Traditionally, this herb has also been used for immune support.

A very well-known relation of the onion and commonly used in a culinary capacity. However, there has been enough media exposure of this allium beauty for us to acknowledge its other properties too. There is significantly weighty research to support that garlic may help maintain normal cholesterol levels in the circulation when part of a healthy diet. Smoked, pickled, roasted, chopped, diced and sliced it seems there is plenty of love for this pungent bulb.

  • Antioxidant properties

  • Botanical claims suggest Garlic supports heart and respiratory health

  • Strong evidence of immune supporting Properties

Nature’s Best extra high strength Garlic Tablets contain a powerful 2mg of the active compound Allicin. Each tablet contains the equivalent to 1400mg of fresh garlic, but without the odour! We love the benefits of garlic but like you, do not like the repeat of a strong extract supplement.

Our clever Development Team have created a 10-layer coating process to control the odour and protect the active material until it’s safely through the stomach, ready to then release their content where it’s absorbed best. So, no garlic breath!

Did you know?
Did you know you can take a garlic clove from the bulb and plant it in your garden to produce your own garlic plants?

Ginseng - Best taken in the morning for that ‘get up and go’ feeling

One of the most expensive and top selling herbs in the world, across all ages, for its stimulatory qualities. Commonly added to commercially produced beverages, but only in negligible amounts. The active compounds in Korean Ginseng are called ginsenosides, a term which should be very relevant when you choose Korean Ginseng, as the weight of this ingredient is important to the potency. We include 24mg into in each Korean Ginseng tablet, so you are guaranteed the best!

  • High in active ingredients

  • Traceable back to the source

  • Adaptogens help the body adapt to stress

Perhaps not as well-known as the Korean variety, Siberian Ginseng is equally as prized. Often a better choice for more sensitive people as it is gentler in its delivery. This version helps to increase overall energy without any caffeine in sight!

Did you know?
The Korean Ginseng root sometimes resembles the shape of a human body? and has been known by the name “man-root.”

Plant Sterols - Cholesterol lowering properties

Plant sterols are cholesterol copy-cats! By competing with cholesterol for absorption, less of the fat-like substance is absorbed into the body from the gut. This can result in lower blood pressure, but the effects are gradual and depend on the amount of plant sterols consumed. Plant Sterols are a group of plant chemicals with a similar structure to cholesterol, the fat-like substance circulating in the blood. Plant Sterols are specifically plant cell walls and can be found in fruit and vegetables, good sources of which would be broccoli, avocados and vegetable oils.

  • Blocks cholesterol from being re-absorbed from the gut into the bloodstream

  • Difficult to always achieve optimum levels from diet alone.

Here’s a little background into cholesterol…

HDL - Good Cholesterol

High Density Lipoprotein Good cholesterol (High Density Lipoprotein), carries excess cholesterol in your blood back to your liver where it’s broken down and removed from your body. This means a high level of good HDL cholesterol can maintain your heart health.

LDL - Bad Cholesterol

High Density Lipoprotein Bad cholesterol (Low Density Lipoprotein), carries cholesterol to your cells. But when you have too much LDL it can build up in your artery walls, causing them to narrow. This reduces blood flow, which can be bad for your heart health.

Did you know?
Discovered in 1922, and since the 1950s, scientists have known that plant sterols can reduce LDL cholesterol.

Each Nature’s Best Plant Sterol tablet contains 800mg of free plant sterols, with high levels of beta-Sitosterols. This can make a useful contribution to our daily intake, without any unnecessary additional calories. If these are not on your dietary list why not consider taking a supplement (we’ve all seen the adverts on television for cholesterol lowering margarines and spreads, well these contain plant sterols).

Prostex - A real heavy weight

Exclusive to Nature’s Best and containing a full 320mg of the highest strength concentrated extract of beta-sitosterols available, many similar products contain less than half this amount! Our formula Prostex includes zinc for the maintenance of normal testosterone concentrations in the blood and the protection of cells from oxidative damage. In a supporting role, we have added 50mg of quercetin, an important bioflavonoid, valued for its antioxidant properties. In one recent study quercetin demonstrated its importance to cardiovascular health. In addition to its antioxidant properties, it is also involved in inhibiting the production and release of histamines in the body. As well as complimentary amino acids, and vitamin D for immune support and anti-inflammatory properties, this formula makes our supplement a real ‘heavy weight’!

  • A full 320mg of Beta-Sitsosterols Extract

  • With added Zinc and pure Quercetin

  • Twice the NRV for vitamin D

Did you know?
Dietary consumption is the main source of phytosterols, as they are not synthesized inside the human body.

Saw Palmetto - A valuable source of fatty acids and plant sterols

The sharp saw-toothed edges of its leaves give this plant its name, but it’s the plentiful 2cm long berries which cluster on the stems that are used. Wild-harvested at the optimal time to ensure that the important compounds are retained. Mature Saw Palmetto berries then go through an air-liquid extraction process, leaving the extract with a fatty acid content between 85-95%, a grade ready for the commercial liquid supplement market.

Native communities from the sun blessed west side of America consumed these berries because they were a valuable source of fatty acids and plant sterols. They quickly learnt of their properties and tribesmen began consuming them. However, Saw Palmetto was not officially recognised by the general populace until the 1900’s.

The fatty acids derived from the berries are fat soluble, so we have combined the highly concentrated berry extract with a vegetable base oil for easy absorption. Other Saw Palmetto formulas may also include a number of other ingredients, often at minimal amounts, which might not be relevant. Our Saw Palmetto capsules contain 160mg concentrated berry extract, sunflower seed oil and nothing else but the skin they’re in!

  • Highly concentrated extract

  • Easy absorption

  • Purest grade berry pulp

Each one of our Saw Palmetto capsules contains 160mg of the active serenoa repens extract, so there is no loss of potency to redundant fibres or sugars.

Did you know?
Dried extracts contain 25% fatty acids. Liquid capsules contain 85-95% fatty acids

Antioxidants - Specialist supplements

Pycnogenol 40mg

Pycnogenol is a unique flavonoid extracted from the bark of the maritime pine. It has been shown to possess powerful antioxidant properties as well as being able to protect and rebuild our body’s collagen. Research shows evidence that this hardy pine could be useful in supporting our circulation.

Beta Carotene 15mg

Normally associated with carrots, as its name implies, but is also present in leafy green vegetables. What is less widely known is that Carotenoids are abundant in a type of micro-algae called Dunaliella salina. Nature’s Best use these amazing algae from sustainably farmed, high salinity lakes in Australia. Once in the body, Beta Carotene is converted into vitamin A, which can help maintain; normal vision, normal skin and mucus membranes and normal function of the immune system.

ORAC 10,000

Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity, is a measurement used in the method of measuring antioxidant capacities in foods. We have packed an astounding 700mg of concentrated plant extracts, selected for their high content of antioxidants, into our one-a-day formula Orac 10,000. One of the highest potency antioxidants available, containing a blend of green tea, grape seed, rosemary and oregano extracts.


Quercetin belongs to a class of water-soluble plant pigments called flavonoids and can be found in onions, apples, green and black tea. Flavonoids have the ability to neutralise free radicals, converting them into less reactive compounds, therefore reducing their potential harm to cells. One of the most recent studies demonstrated its importance to cardiovascular health, but for more information on this fascinating nutrient, simply search for it online. In addition to its researched antioxidant properties, it is also involved in inhibiting the production and release of histamines.

Green Tea An oriental legend

Green Tea, known to most as the fairer sibling to black tea (the most famous variety), has an amazing reputation for its antioxidant properties. With pollution and other free radical generating factors in our environment, introducing this neutralising nutrient into our diets can only be a good thing. With 500mg Green Tea extract, our formula holds the accolade of being one of the UK’s strongest one-a-day tablets. Polyphenols are the concentrated active ingredient in our Green Tea supplement, which have been the focus of much research over the last ten years. The extract is obtained from the whole green tea leaves harvested young and without the leaves being fermented (the process that turns green tea into black tea). Green Tea supplements have very little caffeine, unlike the beverage, which can have around 40mg. So, you can reap the benefits without the caffeine crash! A popular choice for slimmer’s, as part of a calorie-controlled diet.

Green Coffee Extract - The slimmer’s choice

Verdesse™ is designed for people following a calorie-controlled weight loss diet. Verdesse™ is a decaffeinated green coffee extract containing high levels of active compounds called ‘chlorogenic acids’, and one in particular which is called 5-caffeoylquinic acid’. Verdesse™ contains an extract made from unroasted coffee beans, because the normal roasting process changes the chemical profile of the coffee bean, altering many of the delicate compounds. Each tablet provides a relevant dose of 6000mg green coffee bean extract.

Cinnamon - “Sweet wood”

Cinnamon has been used as far back as 2000BC, even getting a mention in the Old Testament. It was a highly valuable and rare herb used for in the form of a perfumed oil for anointing. With modern production and cultivation this sense inspiring bark is common place, galloping at speed into the influx of protein balls, bars, snacks and shakes. Cinnamon is worthy of the media attention but not just from a culinary view.

Herbalists have known about cinnamon for 4,000 years and it has traditionally been used to help calm digestive problems, but in recent times cinnamon has been the focus of research that indicates that it may also help the body maintain a more even balance of its energy reserves between meals. The characteristic flavour and aroma of cinnamon comes from a compound in the essential oil of the bark and it’s the various terpenoids found in the volatile oil that are believed to account for cinnamon’s reported health benefits.

With 100mg of pure cinnamon bark extract these high strength, top grade, one-a-day taste free tablets are a supplement staple.

  • Shown to have helpful properties supported by large clinical studies

  • Extracted from the active Cinnamomun Cassia bark

  • A popular choice for slimmer’s

If you’re looking for a multi-vitamin containing this herb why not try Nature’s Best Multi-Guard Balance.

Did you know?
Cinnamon contains large amounts of highly potent polyphenols - the micronutrients with antioxidant activity.

Ginkgo Biloba - “The silver apricot”

The leaves of this ancient tree contain a compound called ginkgolic acid and many Ginkgo products contain more ginkgolic acid than is considered safe. We however, meet the strictest quality requirements; no one else in the UK insists on this level of care. With our UK made from start to finish Ginkgo supplements, high potency and safety are assured.

Ginkgo is a native species to China and has been discovered in fossils dated over 270 million years. As well as being a herbal medicine, this truly magnificent tree also produces edible silvery seeds, which can be used in congee, a vegetarian dish called Buddha's delight, which is often served at special occasions such as weddings and the Chinese New Year. Ginkgo biloba is the most commonly ingested herb for brain health. With properties believed to support both the circulatory and central nervous systems. Studies show Ginkgo to improve the circulation to the extremities including the brain and has been shown to improve memory in the short term.

The concentrated extract from the double-lobed, fan shaped leaves of Ginkgo biloba is produced by drying the leaves then extracting the active ingredients. We are very proud to say that our supplements contain 120mg of extract in each tablet, with a time release formula for gentle absorption.

• Meets strictest quality standards
• Time release formula over 2 hours
• May help maintain normal cognitive Function

Did you know?
Ginkgo or Maidenhair, is a species belonging to a prehistoric age. It’s quite possible that a Tyrannosaurus Rex nibbled its leaves to help with digestion!

Sea Buckthorn - A rare and rich source of Omega 7

This Himalayan beauty is now widely naturalised in coastal areas around the UK. Its bright orange berries have been used in the past as food but more recently they have been recognised as a food supplement. Seen sometimes as an ingredient in face creams, lotions or moisturisers, a nutrient popular with skincare for its replenishing properties.

Omega 7 is a rare fatty-acid, found in only a handful of sources, fish oil being one of them, but none as rich as sea buckthorn. Claims suggest that of its many uses, it can be useful in skin treatments and for eye health. The berries are very rich in antioxidants but also in Omega 7 essential fatty acids.

We use a pure extract obtained from the berry pulp, a much richer source than the seeds, which is extracted without solvents to provide the highest quality supplement available. The extraction process ensures that the important properties are retained, and why we are able to put a 1000mg of pure Sea Buckthorn oil into each capsule, of which 225mg is Omega 7 (Palmitoleic Acid).

  • Natural defence

  • Contributes to skin health

  • Nature’s Best Sea Buckthorn are twice the strength of the competition

Did you know?
Genghis Khan, the founder of the Mongol Empire, one of the largest empires in the 13th century, relied on three treasures: well organized armies, strict discipline and sea buckthorn.

Nature’s helping herbs - Popular choices for women

Evening Primrose Oil - There is no one food that has appreciable amounts of GLA than that of the Evening Primrose seed. These luminous flowers remain as popular as ever, with many women choosing to take a supplement of Evening Primrose Oil around the time of their period or when undergoing the menopause. It is also popular with children or anyone wanting to keep their skin well-nourished and in good condition.

Myo-Inositol is structurally similar to glucose. It is a vitamin-like compound that is involved in cellular signalling. The body produces its own myo-inositol from glucose. Large quantities of inositol are found in the spinal cord nerves, the brain and cerebral spinal fluid. Many foods contain myo-inositol; however, the most prevalent sources are unprocessed whole grains, citrus fruits, dried prunes and brewer’s yeast suitable for general nerve support and specific female health problems.

Starflower Oil - The stellar blue flowers of the borage plant have been used in salads since the Elizabethan period, as well as being added to wine to “maketh men merrie”. Our Starflower Oil is extracted from the seeds which have been found to have a naturally high level of GLA, an Omega 6 fatty acid which is used by the body to make certain hormones. Research has shown that GLA is particularly beneficial to women during menstruation. Each one-a-day capsules contains 220mg of GLA.

Soya Isoflavones - A pure plant-based nutrient found in whole soy- based foods such as tofu and soy milk. Soy is one of the five “holy crops” including rice, wheat, barley and millet, and has only been utilised in the Western world since the 20th century. Soya Isoflavones have become a popular supplement with women approaching, or going through the menopause and there is increasing evidence that they may contribute to maintaining bone health. Red Clover is a source of Isoflavones, however, we prefer to use Isoflavones from soya as this is naturally present in our diet.

Sage - Salvia, Latin “to save” - This charming kitchen herb has been used by herbalists for centuries for a number of conditions. More recently sage has become popular as a supplement for the menopause, a use supported by some studies. Interestingly the word 'sage' is also linked to wisdom and this herb has been investigated for its influence on memory.

  • Known for its relaxing properties in relation to digestive health

  • Often used to calm sweating

  • Commonly taken by women during the menopause

Our Sage Extract is one of the UK’s strongest and many times more concentrated than culinary sage. We insist on a high-grade sage extract that has a guaranteed level of 2.5% rosmarinic acid (the 'active' compound in sage). Sage has been used from ancient Egypt, to times of the bubonic plague for its fumigatory powers. With that much history comes as much research into the properties of this extraordinary herb.

Did you know?
It is said that the Chinese valued sage so highly that they would trade two cases of tea for one dried English sage.

A soothing herbal - Popular choices for relaxation

Rhodiola Rosea - Nature’s Best Rhodiola is a premium, high strength extract equivalent to 500mg of dried Rhodiola rosea, obtained from the rhizome and root of the herb. Standardised to ensure that it contains exactly what the label states, 2 tablets provide a guaranteed 3.75mg (3%) of precious rosavins, the ‘active’ compounds found in the herb and referred to in studies. Makes the perfect partner to Siberian Ginseng and Theanine.

Theanine and Lemon Balm Complex - Nature’s Best L-Theanine and Lemon Balm Complex is the purest form of this amino acid available and is the one used in clinical studies. L-Theanine is a compound extracted from tea leaves. It is responsible for the soothing reputation that the worldwide adored cup of tea has. L-Theanine is known to promote relaxation without sedation. It appears to be effective at this as well as reducing stress. A useful supplement to support cognitive function and maintenance of normal sleep. With lemon balm extract, a popular ingredient in relaxing herbal teas. We also have a straight Theanine product too, Theanine 200mg.

5-HTP - Nature’s Best insist on the purest grade available, extracted from the seeds of a tree exclusively grown in particular regions of Africa, called Griffonia Simplicifolia, and not from synthetic versions. 5-HTP (5-Hydroxytryptophan) is also found in the human body as tryptophan. It enters the body via the diet through foods such as milk, cheese and red meat. Once in the body 5-HTP is converted into serotonin, the active brain neurotransmitters related to good mood. Each tablet therefore provides 100mg of pure 5-HTP, a level which matches that used in published studies. Griffonia holds properties which support the nervous system.

The virtues of herbs - Nature’s best examples

Valerian - Despite the noisome aroma of this perennial plant, aptly named ‘phu’ by Greek physician Galen, extracts from its roots have been used for centuries for the temporary relief of sleep disturbances and mild anxiety. Unlike prescription medicines, Valerian is not addictive and does not leave you groggy the next day. Our tablets contain an effective dose of 300mg Valarian root extract per tablet.

St John’s Wort - Our high strength one-a-day tablets relieve the symptoms of slightly low mood and mild anxiety. Although, in the time of the Crusades, it was said to be used to treat wounds on the battlefields. 370mg of the aerial parts of the plant are used for each tablet which is equivalent to 1850mg-2590mg of St John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum L.), and continues to be a popular herbal choice.

Milk Thistle - We supply maximum strength tablets with 174mg of the active compound silymarin in each dose. For use to relieve the symptoms associated with occasional over indulgence of food and drink such as indigestion and upset stomach. Roman naturalist, Pliny the Elder wrote about the plant's juice and its virtues back in AD. 23-79, as useful then as it is today.

Devil’s Claw - While the flowers of this African perennial are attractive, the tubers from which we extract this modicum herb resemble a spidery, prickly form. We use 450mg of Devil's Claw root extract, equivalent to 1575mg-2250mg of Devil’s Claw root in each tablet, commonly used for the relief of backache, rheumatic or muscular pain, and general aches and pains in the muscles and joints. The perfect remedy for avid gardeners.

Digestive herbals -Nature’s best examples

Peppermint Oil - We steam distil 50mg of the key active ingredients, the primary one being menthol, from mint leaves for each capsule. It is this compound that gives peppermint its signature effect of warm and cool. Prized for its carminative and spasmolytic effects it is clear why this herb is associated with digestive soothing. Of all the 30 species of mint, it is peppermint that is preferred for supplement form.

Candaway - As our lives get busier and demands greater, the delicate ecosystem in the gut can be disrupted, whether through stresses such as poor diet, travel or illness. With this in mind, we created a unique formula to partner alongside friendly bacteria to help with rebalancing the digestive system. With high potency extracts from olive leaves, oregano, cinnamon and fennel, this is a natural choice to restore digestive balance.

Flourishe® - Modern day diets high in processed foods may provide as little as 2g of soluble fibre a day, when it is estimated that the optimum intake should be at least 5-10g. Flourishe® is a pure and natural form of soluble fibre called FOS (Fructo-oligosaccharides), that promotes the growth of friendly bacteria in the bowel, helping to keep movements regular.

Artichoke - Despite the benefits being first documented in the 4th century BC, this is a relatively new introduction to the supplement scene. Scientific research from 1933 give credence to the claims that artichoke is useful for the relief of digestive complaints, such as indigestion, upset stomach, nausea, feelings of fullness and flatulence (wind), particularly caused by over indulgence of food and drink. We put 16mg of the active compound, cynarin in each of our tablets, making it one of the strongest artichoke supplements available.

Did you know?
Did you know to protect itself from the corrosive acid, the stomach lining has a thick coating of mucus. But this mucus can't buffer the digestive juices indefinitely, so the stomach produces a new coat of mucus every two weeks

Fruit compliments - A new way to include antioxidants in your diet

Cherry Max Fruit Concentrate, not to be confused with sweet cherries, sour cherries are a richer source of the powerful antioxidants called anthocyanins. It’s these compounds which give cherries their deep, rich colour and are believed to be the most active type of flavonoids. The name sour cherry is thankfully not a reflection of the taste of CherryMax™, which is naturally sweetened with red grape and apple.

Pomegranate Fruit Concentrate contains a wide range of powerful antioxidants including polyphenols and ellagitannins. These compounds can protect the cells in our bodies from free radical damage and recent research indicates that pomegranates can support cardiovascular health and support the circulatory system. Our product consists of 90% pure pomegranate concentrate with 10% pure red grape concentrate to balance the sharp taste. The result is an intense tasting fruit concentrate which is up to 25 times stronger than most juices and so full of antioxidants that just 3-4 teaspoons a day is all you need.
Over yoghurt, cereal, ice cream, desserts! … or even in a cheeky cocktail! Great tasting and suitable for the whole family

Spices - Our favourites

Ginger Capsules 14,400mg - Nature’s Best Ginger Capsules deliver an intense 14,400mg of ginger root providing 24mg of the ‘active’ gingerol compounds. Renowned for its stomach settling properties and often taken as a measure against travel sickness. Ginger has been a culinary and medicinal spice since medieval times, with recognised treats such as gingerbread men, ginger cake and ginger beer.

Ginger tea for nausea...
Steep 20-40g of fresh, sliced ginger in a cup of hot water. Add a slice of lemon or a drop of honey if you fancy.

Turmeric 20,000mg - Nature’s Best have been pioneering the advantages of Turmeric for over 12 years. We’ve watched this Midas touched spice gain more notoriety in the media as research reveals yet more applications and health benefits. Interest in turmeric began in the 1970’s when Indian academics found evidence suggesting that turmeric may possess anti-inflammatory properties. Much of this was attributed to a constituent called curcumin. Our high potency tablets provide 95% of the main bioactive compound; curcumin so when you take our supplements you are quality assured.

Turmeric spiced latte…
Warm a cup of coconut/almond milk in a saucepan. Do not boil. In a little water make a paste of 1tsp dried turmeric, 1tsp dried ginger and 1tsp dried cinnamon. Stir the paste and a tsp of coconut oil into the milk and gently heat together until melted… add sweetener to taste and serve dusted with cinnamon.


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