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Feeling Tired? Natural Energy Boosters to Fight Fatigue

Feeling Tired? Natural Energy Boosters to Fight Fatigue

We all experience waves of lethargy and sluggishness, which can often make us feel like crawling back under the duvet. The best ways to combat fatigue and stabilise energy levels is to consistently consume a diet packed with nutrient dense foods. For more practical advice take a look at our top ten natural ways to support energy levels below. 

  1. Eating balanced meals containing slow energy releasing foods will help to avoid energy dips and spikes throughout the day. Foods in this category are high fibre vegetables, nuts, fruit, wholegrains, protein and olive oil.
  2. The emotions that result from stress or challenging situations can consume a lot of energy. Talking with friends or practicing relaxation techniques such as, yoga or meditation are good ways to diffuse tension and restore energy levels.

  3. Maintaining a healthy weight with regular physical exercise kindles energy production and the flow of oxygen around the body. Not only does exercise support a restful night’s sleep but it also stimulates the release of stress dampening hormones, so let’s get physical!

  4. Learn to prioritise. Managing a busy lifestyle is never easy, so organising daily activities is a valuable tool for ensuring the demands of the day are not going to leave you burnt-out. Rotas, timetables and delegation can be applied from the smallest to the largest of tasks.

  5. An invigorating cup of coffee is a popular go-to when fatigue overwhelms us, and it is proven to increase alertness, however, it can upset a good night’s sleep if consumed in large amounts or taken after 2pm. Use the energising effects of this drink in moderation and focus on changing habits to encourage more energy, rather than mask the cause with caffeine.

  6. Sofa days, pounding headaches, ravenous appetite or no appetite at all, are all the dispiriting effects of too much alcohol. Drinking responsibly is endorsed by many health professionals, however, it doesn’t do energy levels any favours, in fact it has sedative effects. Limit drinking habits to within health guidelines and keep hydrated, is good advice for energy preservation.

  7. Being outside in the restorative environment of nature is a simple and effective way to soothe mental fatigue, something that often accompanies a busy lifestyle. Taking time to appreciate the colours, sounds and textures of the natural world is a true tonic.

  8. Even a slight loss of hydration can cause the body’s processes to slow down, resulting in lower energy levels, tiredness and bad temper. Consuming the hallowed eight glasses of water daily will keep the body hydrated and do wonders for wellbeing.

  9. Quality sleep is paramount when it comes to preserving energy levels. Clocking 7-9 hours of shut-eye daily will reduce fatigue and support cognitive performance. So, reach for the duvet and catch some well needed zzzz’s. To learn more about Sleep Health, why not have a look around our dedicated hub.

  10. Get social with friends and family. Laughter, sharing, caring and being a part of a community is a trove of fatigue fighting ingredients. Head out for a meal or stay in with a film, get down to an exercise class or simply meet for coffee and a natter, it’s all helpful in the quest for more oomph!


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