Digestive Enzymes

Our bodies pour enzymes into our digestive systems where they act on the food to break it down into molecules that are small enough to be absorbed.  Enzymes are very specific in what they break down, for example:
  • Lipase acts on fats
  • Protease acts on protein
  • Amylase acts on starch
As we age, our natural production of enzymes may decline. If food is not broken down properly, we could fail to absorb all the nutrients and also undigested food passing into the lower gut may be fermented by the resident bacteria causing wind and bloating. Smokers and alcohol drinkers often choose a digestive enzyme supplement.
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    Bromelain 1000 GDU
  • Bromelain 1000 GDU

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  • Highest strength with a guaranteed enzyme activity.

  • A perfect partner to glucosamine, sometimes used for sports strains and sprains. High potency with a guaranteed enzyme activity. UK-made.
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  • Digestizyme®
  • Digestizyme®

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  • High Potency enzymes to help digest protein, fat and carbohydrates

  • Feel bloated after meals? High potency, plant sourced enzymes, to help digest protein fats and carbohydrates. Notice the difference or your money back.
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