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Find More Energy and Endurance Through Nutritional Supplements

For everyday energy, our bodies turn first to the food we eat. But, once you've got a solid nutritional strategy in place, what energy supplements can you rely on to give you a boost and help you perform well at endurance sports? 
There are plenty of energy supplements we recommend to endurance athletes like cyclists and runners, and people who want to perform well in the gym, to everyday people who need a boost to meet the challenges of modern life.


Magnesium is an essential mineral for anyone suffering the effects of tiredness and fatigue, due to sport training, lifestyle or stress. To ensure you have the best quality magnesium available, our Magasorb is clinically-researched magnesium in citrate form, which is absorbed quickly and put to immediate use by the body.


Stress can deplete the body of essential minerals. Those lacking energy and endurance are commonly deficient in iron, which is rapidly depleted from the body's own stores. Supplement the iron in your diet with our iron citrate tablets; it is absorbed quickly and the citrate form means it’s extra gentle on the stomach (because the last thing you need when you're already feeling run down, is a nutritional supplement which gives you digestive problems!)

Co Q10

If you're on statins, taking a high-strength and quality CoQ10 is a good way to support heart health for higher energy levels. Statins deplete the body's CoQ10, so keep them at optimal levels with our 100mg pharmaceutical-grade CoQ10.

Multi-vitamin support

A good multivitamin is a must for anyone, but if you feel you're lacking in energy then it's a no-brainer. Supplement your nutrition with Multi-Guard® Sport to cover all the bases and leave nothing to chance. Not only does it contain over and above the amounts of vitamins and minerals you'd expect to see in a multi, but they are all pharmaceutical-grade and present at levels that will boost your immunity and help you unlock your body's natural energy sources. 
So now you have sorted out your nutritional supplements, vitamins and minerals which will help get your energy levels back on an even keel. What about those days when you just need a quick boost? Perhaps you're a sports person who needs a little kick to make it to the gym today. Or maybe work or family life is asking more than you have to give. These gentle, natural and effective energy boosting supplements will definitely help.


Taurine and Korean ginseng are both powerful energy boosters. Taurine, an amino acid, helps the body unlock explosive power, helping you focus on the task in hand, whether that's a sporting goal or a work deadline. Despite the name, it has nothing to do with bulls or any other animal product, so it's totally safe for vegans. Ginseng is an ancient herb which has stood the test of time. We use Korean ginseng because of its quality, potency and bioavailability. It is a great alternative to caffeine stimulants and just as powerful but without the unpleasant side effects. 

Our Author - Christine Morgan


Christine Morgan has been a freelance health and wellbeing journalist for almost 20 years, having written for numerous publications including the Daily Mirror, S Magazine, Top Sante, Healthy, Woman & Home, Zest, Allergy, Healthy Times and Pregnancy & Birth; she has also edited several titles such as Women’ Health, Shine’s Real Health & Beauty and All About Health.

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