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Why We Don't Sell Colostrum

Why We Don't Sell Colostrum

What is colostrum?

Colostrum is fluid produced during pregnancy by the mammary glands in mammals, and is the first milk available to newborns. It is rich in nutrients and contains enzymes, antibodies, growth factors (which stimulate cell growth and development in the digestive tract) and transfer factors (which have general immune activating properties).  Colostrum helps lay the foundations of a healthy digestive and immune system in the newborn.  Colostrum supplements in the form of capsules and powders are available online.

What is colostrum commonly used for?

Colostrum is a dense source of protein and like whey protein, it may be taken to maintain and support muscle growth. Those into fitness are likely to take it for the afore-mentioned reason, and/or to mitigate muscles soreness after intense exercise.

There are also indications that colostrum may support immunity and digestive health, but the data is limited.


Why don’t we sell colostrum?

Supplement preparations of colostrum are largely derived from cows, not humans.  This is the primary concern for us.  Cow colostrum contains specific nutrients and antibodies to fend off bacteria that are harmful to cows, so may be irrelevant to humans.  Secondly, in adults the intestines breakdown any beneficial compounds before they can be absorbed into the bloodstream. In newborns however, their underdeveloped intestines allow the nutrients from colostrum to pass freely into the circulatory system.  Finally, comprehensive safety studies for colostrum supplements have not been performed.

What are the alternatives?

We have a range of whey protein products if you are looking to support training goals.

Approximately 70% of the immune system resides in the gut, so we’re proponents that taking care of digestive health is the principle objective in the quest to support immunity.  Eating a colourful, balanced diet and leading a healthy lifestyle is a great place to start.  For a little extra support, you may wish to consider the following products.

Acidophilus Extra 10 Billion is one of the first live bacteria products sold in the UK and still one of the best quality, most sophisticated products available. We use strains of live bacteria that were originally isolated from humans and so are far more at home in our digestive system than the live bacteria we consume in the form of live yoghurt.

Flourishe® contains a special carbohydrate called FOS that is present in small quantities in some vegetables. Ours is derived from chicory root as much of the published work on FOS has been carried out using chicory and chicory root helps maintain normal intestinal health.

Final thought

Weak study data and non-human sources are reason enough not to jump on the trend train with colostrum.  With safe, quality products such as the ones mentioned above, we think colostrum is best left as nature intended.

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