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Our premium, advanced absorption turmeric formula, Curcusorb™, has a unique story.  For customers with long-term health concerns absorption of the active ingredients in curcumin is essential. Our Nutraceutical Team sourced an ingredient to meet this need – CurcuWIN®.
CurcuWIN® by OmniActive is a clinically studied extract from turmeric with superior health supporting properties.

  • 46 times greater relative absorption than standard curcumin

  • Retains the precious curcuminoid compounds

  • Versatile applications

  • Robust human clinical trials

  • Scientifically substantiated for sports to improve performance and endurance

CurcuWIN® ’s unique combination of high bioavailability and clinically demonstrated properties have shown to support a wide variety of health concerns.

Enhanced bioavailability

In a placebo-controlled, crossover study comparing commercial curcumin products, CurcuWIN® increased relative absorption of total curcuminoids 46-times over standard curcumin [1].

Exercise performance and soreness

A double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled, human clinical trial with young, healthy subjects demonstrated that long-term supplementation with CurcuWIN® could support recovery after strenuous exercise [2,3].

Supports cardiovascular and circulatory health

In a randomized, controlled, double-blind, parallel prospective study with young, healthy subjects, CurcuWIN® demonstrated positive endothelial(blood vessel) function [4] which supports cardiovascular health [5] and circulation.


CurcuWIN® is made with UltraSOL™ technology to deliver curcuminoids into the body and keep them there.

Curcumin has poor solubility and absorption, so large doses of standard curcumin are typically needed, and it’s recommended that it is taken with an oil, such as an omega 3 supplement or a meal containing fats.

However, OmniActive’s UltraSOL™ Nutrient Delivery System creates a water-dispersible curcumin complex (curcuminoids: min 20%) that dissolves quickly and maintains solubility over an extended period, making it soluble and highly absorbable, without oil/fats.

Technology UltraSOL™

UltraSOL™ is a unique technology that converts the lipophilic (water-loving) compounds and poorly absorbed nutrients in curcumin into water-dispersible ingredients for enhanced bioavailability.
The natural active ingredients are then micro-encapsulated using spray drying technology. The ingredients are combined with natural antioxidants (Tocopherol, Ascorbyl palmitate) before being protected in tablet form to ensure that the actives are stable and offer increased solubility.

Curcusorb more bioavailable

Curcusorb™ is our alternative to turmeric with black pepper. To read more about this topic click here.
If you think Curcusorb™ sounds like the product for you why not take a closer look by clicking here.


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