Acidophilus Extra 4 Billion, Live Bacteria Supplement

60 capsules, 1-2 daily, 1 + month's supply, just 48p a day
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Product Information

Acidophilus Extra 4 Billion is one of our top-selling formulas, with each easy-to-swallow capsule delivering 4 billion colony forming units (CFU) of live bacteria. We often recommend our acidophilus capsules to people who want to take a live bacteria product long-term. Acidophilus Extra 4 Billion is also safe for children and can be taken during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.

Based on science
Our acidophilus capsules contain strains of live bacteria originally isolated from humans and widely used in clinical studies: Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium. These bacteria are far more at home in our digestive system, adhering to the gut wall where they can colonise, than the live bacteria found in yoghurt. Click here to learn more about the strains we use.

A survival story
The low pH level of stomach acid creates a harsh environment for good reason, it helps breakdown food and destroy harmful bacteria, but it can also make the journey for live bacteria a challenge. Research suggests that up to 80% of live bacteria don’t survive gastrointestinal transit. Armed with this knowledge, we've encapsulated Acidophilus Extra 4 Billion in unique delay-release capsules to protect the acid-sensitive bacteria. The sophisticated properties of our acidophilus capsules slow the rate at which they open, ensuring the complete release doesn't occur until 56 minutes after consumption. The capsules' low moisture content further enhances the live bacteria's stability, which means it only releases in the small intestine, where conditions are ideal for growing and replicating.

A winning format
We prefer acidophilus capsules because this form preserves the delicate 'live' bacteria. On the other hand, acidophilus tablets are compressed into moulds, which create heat and compromise viability.

Soluble fibre is often used in combination with live bacteria supplements, as they work harmoniously to support the environment in the gut. Take a look at our natural soluble fibre product, Flourishe®, by clicking here.

Sophisticated packaging
Supplementing with acidophilus only works if the bacteria are kept active in a state of 'suspended animation' in other words, they're still viable after swallowing. So we've designed an advanced, high-density, moisture-resistant pot to protect our capsules from moisture and light, which keeps the live bacteria viable in their packaging. That's why we can confidently guarantee a 24-month shelf life.

To ensure our strict quality standards are always met, we manufacture and package our formula in UK factories working to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

Still unsure if our Acidophilus Extra 4 Billion is the right choice for you? Then, please have a chat with one of our expert Nutrition Advisors. Just click the 'Nutrition Advice' button located at the bottom right-hand corner of our website to start a live chat with a member of our Nutrition Team. We also offer a 100% money back guarantee if for any reason this product is not right for you.

Discover more about eating for a healthy gut here.

Daily Intake
Adults and children over 12 years: take 1 to 2 capsules daily.
Children 4-12 years: take 1 capsule daily. Take with a glass of water, ideally first thing in the morning when the pH of the stomach is at its highest (i.e. not so acidic). Do not take within half an hour of consuming hot food or drink, heat kills bacteria.
Do not exceed recommended daily dose.
Food supplements should not replace a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.
Typically per capsule
Lactobacillus Acidophilus and Bifidobacterium 4x109 (4 billion) live bacteria (at the time of manufacture)
Bacterial Culture (providing Bifidobacterium bifidum and Lactobacillus acidophilus), Capsule Shell (Hypromellose & Gellan Gum), Anti-caking Agent (Stearic Acid).
Suitable For
Suitable for people over 4 years of age who are able to swallow tablets.
Suitable during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
Suitable for vegetarians.
Not suitable for vegans.
Free from wheat, yeast, soya, nuts and dairy.
Free from gluten containing ingredients.
Frequently Asked Questions (4)
Q - "Why Don’t You Sell Live Bacteria Gummies Or Liquid?"
A - Live bacteria are sensitive to changes in environment, so to remain viable in supplement form they need to be adequately protected during their journey to the gut. Gummies or liquid live bacteria don’t have the protection to survive the harsh conditions of the stomach like capsulated forms. Gummies and liquid live bacteria products are also likely to contain sugars, calories, additives and flavourings. Some products suggest opening their capsules and sprinkling the content over food, this however, raises questions over survivability, too.
Q - "How Should I Store Acidophilus Extra 4 Billion?"
A - Our high performance packaging has been designed with a high-density moisture resistant pot to keep light and moisture away from the capsules. The special desiccant layer locks away moisture which keeps the bacteria viable for 24-months. Acidophilus Extra 4 Billion doesn’t need to be refrigerated. Ensure pot is securely closed after opening.
Q - "What Is The Difference Between Live Cultures Found In Yoghurt And Supplements?"
Live cultures found in yoghurt and supplements differ enormously. Live cultures found in yoghurt have a short shelf life and they’re also tremendously fragile. And so, by the time the yoghurt reaches your bowel, it’s highly likely the live cultures won’t survive the journey to where they’re needed, your gut. Live culture supplements, on the other hand, tend to be encapsulated in sophisticated, moisture-resistant packaging that ensures the bacteria remains active as they traverse down to your digestive tract.
Q - "How Many Acidophilus Capsules Should I Take?"
A - 1-2 capsules daily. Take with a glass of water, ideally first thing in the morning when the pH of the stomach is at its highest (i.e., not so acidic). Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Do not swallow capsules with hot drinks, as heat kills bacteria. Food supplements should not replace a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Did you know that Flourishe®, our natural soluble fibre from chicory root, makes the perfect partner to Acidophilus Extra 4 Billion? To find out more about Flourishe® click here.


"Beware If You Have Gerd"
By Anonymous , 28 Nov 2023
Verified Purchase
This has caused my acid reflux to flare up massively so I am stopping today, I am extremely gassy and having lots of vagus nerve irritaion and skipped heart beats since starting these. SO just be careful and maybe start slowly.
Recommend to a friend: No
Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. I am sorry to hear of the symptoms you have experienced. This is certainly not something we would expect. I have contacted you separately about this.
Nature's Best Nutrition Advice
Value for money:
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"No complaints from me!"
By Erica Bramhall , 26 Nov 2023
Verified Purchase
I use this product to give me peace of mind. It is very hard to measure the effectiveness of it but it gives me peace of mind that I am doing the best I can for my body by using a probiotic.
Recommend to a friend: Yes
Value for money:
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"Early days"
By Jill Gaff , 11 Nov 2023
Verified Purchase
I’ve just started taking these, but as I’ve used Natures Best for several years so, I have no doubt of their efficacy. Regards it being early days and I’ve been taking them for several weeks, dare I say, I’ve noticed a positive improvement in my overall well-being? I can’t be absolutely sure because as I say it’s early days. I remain confident regards the product because Natures Best are the best. Thank you!
Recommend to a friend: Yes
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"Very good product."
By Vanessa Carvalho , 02 Nov 2023
Verified Purchase
It helps with digestion in general.
Recommend to a friend: Yes
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"I find this product effective"
By Anonymous , 23 Oct 2023
Verified Purchase
I have I*D and find this helps to settle my symptoms
Recommend to a friend: Yes
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