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Lutein Explained

Typically found in leafy green vegetables (and in high concentrations in marigold flowers), lutein is a potent plant pigment, otherwise known as a carotenoid. This nutrient powerhouse plays a vitally important role in the macular of the eye, where it safeguards delicate light receptor cells by filtering out harmful UV rays. Lutein also protects peepers from the damaging effects of free radicals – unstable molecules that strive to compromise eye health over time. We use lutein in two of our nutritional formulas: Eyewise® Advance and Eyewise® Super Strength Lutein – and we’re pleased to say it’s as ‘green’ as its veggie counterparts.

We source the lutein for our formulations from a company that has unwaveringly dedicated to long-term sustainability in all its agricultural and manufacturing initiatives. To ensure total transparency and traceability, they produce lutein using a vertically integrated supply chain. In a market saturated with third-party suppliers they prevail as a responsible, green, and cost-competitive leader with rigorous controls over all aspects of the manufacturing process.

Our supplier’s commitment to minimising its carbon footprint is apparent in every aspect of their business model. Though millions of kilograms are needed to produce a meagre few kilograms of premium lutein – a process that’s enormously energy-intensive – they have implemented a host of measures to offset their carbon use. To reduce material loss and overall fuel expenditure, their collection, dehydration, and extraction facilities are situated within close proximities to each other. What’s more, their drying process employs innovative, state-of-the-art, and thermally efficient technology to accumulate and treat surplus water, ensuring the air, land, and environment around extraction plants aren’t affected by industrial waste. Besides this, they also collect and reuse solvents applied at extraction level, meaning such materials won’t end their life polluting the environment. In short, our supplier’s agricultural and manufacturing methods allow them to guarantee top quality lutein without compromising the planet.

Our supplier is wholeheartedly dedicated to community and social stewardship, too. They’ve fostered a strong network with 10,000 marigold farmers, in a range of climatic regions in the southern state of Karnataka, India, to cultivate an efficient and reliable supply chain. Thanks to this sense of community, their agricultural team can regularly update farmers on technological innovation, such as crop compatibility, ensuring the best use of natural resources and cropland at all times. The result of their sustainable endeavours? Greater consistency and superior quality of their marigold yields, and better financial return for their farmers. Everyone’s a winner.

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