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Delivery Agents

Delivery Agents

Our catalogues and printed marketing material are collected from our mailing house by our direct stream access agent (DSA), Citipost Mail. As part of their ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility, Citipost Mail are proud to be carbon neutral business.

Achieving carbon neutrality reflects their dedication to minimising their environmental impact and taking decisive action to address the challenges of climate change. Citipost Mail recognise the urgent need to protect our planet for future generations, and becoming carbon neutral is a critical step towards that goal.

Steps ahead

Carbon Footprint Assessment: Citipost Mail conducted a thorough analysis of their organisation’s carbon footprint, which included assessing emissions from their operations, their overheads, and other relevant factors.

Emission Reduction Strategies: Through the implementation of innovative and sustainable practices, they have significantly reduced their carbon emissions across various aspects of their business.
Renewable Energy Adoption: Citipost Mail have transitioned to renewable energy sources wherever possible, ensuring that their energy consumption is now sourced from clean and sustainable alternatives.

Offsetting Carbon Emissions: For the unavoidable emissions they couldn’t eliminate entirely, they have invested in high-quality carbon offsetting projects that promote reforestation, renewable energy, and other climate-positive initiatives. In July 2023 they offset the total carbon footprint of their operations from the period of 1st April 2022 – 31st March 2023 to become certified as a Carbon Neutral Company for a period of 12 months. Citipost Mail emissions have been offset through four Certified Emissions Reductions (CER) offsetting projects with their focus being to support the Woodland Fund portfolio.

What this means

By achieving Carbon Neutrality, Citipost Mail are proud to join the global movement of responsible businesses committed to mitigating the impacts of climate change. Their efforts extend beyond merely meeting regulatory requirements; they are a testament to their genuine concern for the environment and their pledge to do more to minimise the impact their business has on the environment.

This is a huge milestone for Citipost Mail, but they won’t stop there, in the coming months, they will continue to explore new ways to reduce their ecological footprint and enhance their environmental practices, with their end goal to become a Net Zero business.

When Citipost Mail have sorted the collection they distribute mailings to Royal Mail, ‘our green feet on the street,’ who deliver direct to your door.

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