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Lemongrass & Citronella

100% High grade pure and natural essential oils
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  • Astringent properties
  • Popular insect repellent
  • Citrusy and deodorising
  • Reputable essential oils

This combination of essential oils complements each other perfectly. Both share deodorising and insect repelling properties.

Lemongrass essential oil is steam distilled from the dried lemongrass and is milder, less sour and sweeter than lemons, although it has the same astringent properties as the fruit. A deliciously citrusy aroma with earthy undertones, which serve to stimulate and uplift. Often an ingredient in skin care preparations for its natural toning, abilities. A source of essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B6 and magnesium.

Citronella is native to Sri-Lanka and Java and is rich and crisp with a lemony aroma, . It is steam distilled from the fresh plant and an effective and natural insect repellent, well known for its use in outdoor candles and sprays.

This blend is a versatile household product useful in cleaning preparations or to refresh indoor spaces.

Nature’s Best pure essential Lemongrass and Citronella oil can be used in natural insect repellent preparations - Add 50-75 drops of essential oil to 60ml of distilled water. Combine 30ml of witch hazel and pour into a clean 100ml spray bottle. For diffusers – add 5 drops to your diffuser water. Great at disguising unpleasant household smells.

Buying blended oils is not only a cost-effective way to purchase quality aromas. Lemongrass and citronella blend also means you benefit from the expertise of aromatherapists and artisans to bring you a combination of scents for a targeted experience.

We take an honest, caring and flexible approach supported by experts in the field of essential oils and cosmetic scientists.
Product Information
Cymbopogon flexuosus (Lemongrass) Oil, Cymbopogon winterianus (Citronella) Herb Oil, Citral*, Limonene*, Geraniol*, Citrus paradisi (Grapefruit) Peel Oil, Melaleuca alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil, Melia azadirachta (Neem) Seed Oil, Citronellol*, Linalool*, Eugenol*, Farnesol*.
*Occur naturally in essential oils
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