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Natural CoQ10 is the best

Natural CoQ10

CoQ10 is one of the most expensive raw materials we buy, and we spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on this precious material every year. Also one of the original researchers that discovered CoQ10 was, until he retired recently, our Technical Director. So we think we know a few things about this fascinating nutrient.

One of the things we know is that almost all of the research that has been carried out on CoQ10 has been done using the natural form, which is of course the form that we use in our supplements. However not all companies use natural CoQ10, because the synthetic version is cheaper. But there are good reasons to doubt the nutritional value of synthetic CoQ10, as it contains a high proportion of an ‘isomer’ that researchers believe is ineffective in the body. The term ‘isomer’ means a chemical compound that has the same formula as another, but a different arrangement of atoms, and therefore different properties.

The term ‘cheapskate’ describes anyone who uses synthetic CoQ10 in their capsules when they know that natural CoQ10 is best!

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