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Buying Online - Beware

Buying online beware

The internet can be a dangerous place to buy supplements – unless you keep your wits about you.

In this day and age you might have thought that ‘snake oil’ remedies were a thing of the past. But if you go online you’ll find any number of companies trying to convince you that they have a miracle cure for all kinds of conditions. Common sense is often enough to warn you that someone is trying to con you. For example, would you fall for ‘Breast Enhancement Pills’ or herbal versions of the well-know blue pill for male impotence? Hopefully not, but the truth is that many people do buy these kind of products and the companies that sell them seem to be thriving.

So please do be careful out there on the internet.

If you’re tempted by ‘knock down’ prices on normal products such as glucosamine and echinacea then before you jump in, check the whole product range and the medical claims being made. Remember, if a website is referring to conditions such as arthritis, cancer, depression and diabetes then they are either breaking the law, or trading from outside UK jurisdiction.

Here are a few products we’ve found available online that should put you on guard and although we couldn’t find any snake oil we did find Emu Oil, which is close!

  • Emu oil – rub the cream on your joints or swallow a capsule. Our view; it’s just a big turkey.
  • Glucosamine patches to apply to joints. Our opinion; ridiculous on so many levels!
  • Oxygen tablets - Apparently ‘lack of oxygen causes disease’. Our advice; take a deep breath
  • Colloidal Silver - After swallowing it’s supposed to kill all bacteria it makes contact with. Our query; what, even kills your own friendly bacteria? (Luckily it’s nonsense!)

For more information on ‘What we don’t sell’ click here.

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