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Outer Packaging

Outer Packaging

Packaging is an unavoidable part of our business. As an online nutritional supplement company, we rely on it to protect our supplements and safely transport them from warehouse to customer. But beyond allowing for secure delivery, we recognise that packaging needs to have ‘green’ potential, too. Though we’ve done our utmost to satisfy a range of requirements related to sustainability, we admit, some areas need a little more refinement. We endeavour to make our packaging as environmentally friendly as possible, which is why we’re continuously searching for innovative solutions to minimise our carbon footprint.

As far as outer-packing goes, we maintain that cardboard is the best option. Not only is it robust and sturdy enough to protect multiple products in transit, but it can also be easily recycled. The benefits of recycling cardboard are numerous: it saves forests and trees, conserves energy, cuts climate-changing carbon emissions, and reduces landfill waste. In fact, making paper from pulped recycled paper utilises 40% less energy than manufacturing it from virgin wood fibres. Recycling cardboard ensures we’re doing our bit for the planet.

Unfortunately, we can’t solely rely on cardboard boxes to protect our supplements in transportation. There’s still a risk products could be damaged in the process. As such, the contents of each package are carefully protected with 100% post-consumer recycled crimped paper; ensuring products always arrive safely. Like our cardboard boxes, this protective padding can be recycled, too.

In order to support the integrity of our boxes in transit, we reinforce them with tape. While paper tape is, undeniably, ‘greener’, we’ve found it doesn’t lend itself to maintaining the stability of our packages during the transportation process, which is why we use plastic tape. The same goes for the customer address label. To ensure this vital information doesn’t peel off in transit, we also use tape. Although we’ve found this to be enormously effective – guaranteeing that all packages are delivered securely to customers – we understand this isn’t the most sustainable approach, so we’re working hard find a better future solution.

When it comes to packaging our supplements in delivery boxes that are both safe and sustainable, there’s no ideal answer. Though we’ve done our best to work in an environmentally friendly way, we’re not perfect. It’s a journey – and we’re constantly learning and refining our supply chain. We promise, however, that we’re wholeheartedly committed to finding greener


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