A bright idea...

A bright idea...

Over 25 years ago we had a bright idea. We decided to only use the highest quality raw materials in our products.

Time and time again we’ve proved that cheap raw materials are cheap for a reason. In the case of Ginkgo, the grade we use is almost 3 times more expensive than those used by some companies.
So why do we use such expensive material? The reason is simple; we understand what it is we are selling and we care passionately about what goes into our products.

We are the only company in the UK to use the pharmaceutical grade of Ginkgo that conforms to the German Monograph (in Germany, Ginkgo is a licensed medicine and so they have strict quality standards). We do this because we know that gingko can contain a naturally occurring, but undesirable, compound called ginkgolic acid, which can cause side effects in some people. So of course we chose the high grade ginkgo that has strictly controlled safe levels of less than 5ppm of this compound.

Clearly other companies that sell ginkgo in the UK believe that this is not an issue. Or perhaps they have not done their homework? That would certainly explain why one company described its ginkgo as a root extract - which is bonkers because ginkgo is a tree and it is the leaves that are used in supplements. Also some companies fail to give the actual level of active ingredients in their ginkgo (called flavonglycosides and bilobalides), or mention them by name but don’t specify the levels.

We also find it hard to believe that very cheap raw materials can have been though all the other tests we insist on to ensure that our products do not exceed maximum safe levels of contaminants such as heavy metals, PCB’s, and pesticides.

All this costs money, but at least we can sleep at night!

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