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Vitamins for Fatigue: 5 Essential Nutrients to Combat Tiredness

Vitamins for Fatigue: 5 Essential Nutrients to Combat Tiredness

With 88 million search results on Google questioning “why am i always tired” it is evidence enough that a large number of us can relate to the comments below. Having a busy lifestyle is becoming symptomatic of the world we live in today. With pressure from multiple sources demanding more of our time and energy it can sometimes be hard to keep your head above the water. The media adds another layer of tension by highlighting what we should or shouldn’t be doing and how to do it correctly. With all this “noise” it’s no wonder our energy levels are challenged.

The eight pillars of health are a superb guide to keeping perspective of what is important, focusing on these is a good place to start to help support momentum:

  1. Nutrition

  2. Exercise

  3. Hydration

  4. Rest

  5. Stress Relief

  6. Life Purpose

  7. Positive Attitude

  8. Sunshine



Feeling tired is usually a classic symptom of an underlying cause; poor nutrition, overwork, too little (or too much) exercise, poor sleep, menstruation, low mood or a medical condition. More vulnerable groups are those who feel stressed, vegetarians/vegans, menstruating women and new parents. The generalised feeling of exhaustion is a hard one to shake but there are strategies you can implement to help.

Stress cannot be avoided, and a certain amount is actually good for us, stimulating the sympathetic nervous system – ‘fight or flight’ – accelerates the heart rate and makes us more alert, so that we are equipped to tackle the challenge in front of us. However, as with all things, you need a healthy balance of activity and calm. Engaging the parasympathetic nervous system – ‘rest and digest’ is a good way to restore that equilibrium. We all have our own ways to relax, whether it’s a walk in the fresh air, a warm bath, crafting or cooking, it is worth investing time in these activities as much as possible.

One of the early indicators of low magnesium levels is tiredness. Magnesium is necessary for normal energy metabolism, and it is found in wholegrain cereals, eggs, nuts and leafy green vegetables like kale and spinach. If your diet is low in these food groups then you may consider taking a magnesium supplement, to help support your energy levels.

Customer close-up - Joanne

Joanne is a mum of three teenage boys and works full-time. Juggling her busy lifestyle has come with experience, however, life isn’t any less hectic. Driving her family to various events, working, helping around the home and keeping to commitments is a challenge. Joanne noticed an improvement in her energy levels since taking MagAsorb® Ultra, our most cost effective, highly absorbent formula. She now experiences less peaks and troughs in energy and feels more balanced, and able to apply her full attention to all her responsibilities.

Customer close-up – Nagla

Nagla has recently returned to work after having her first child. Her body is in the process of restoring nutrient levels and adapting to new physical and lifestyle changes. Coping with different demands has been a hard adjustment to make and her energy levels have suffered. Taking MagAsorb® Ultra, a convenient one-a-day tablet has given her the nourishment she needs to stay on-top of her new life.

Customer close-up - Graham

Graham lives in assisted living but is capable of most daily tasks, although over the years they have become more challenging. Graham is keen to continue his standard of living but finds it hard to swallow tablets, just like his young grandchildren. He now takes MagAsorb® Citrate Powder, a fast dissolving and refreshing drink, which supports his body’s natural energy production.

CoQ10 & Ubiquinol

It’s a common saying as we get older that we often don’t ‘feel’ our age. If only our body could keep up with the demands and desires of our hearts and minds as we approach our golden years!  However, with the passing of time our bodies’ processes naturally take a more leisurely pace, including our metabolism. Metabolic processes are ubiquitous throughout the body enabling food to be broken down into packages of energy that the body can use. To fire this process into action a catalyst is required, this stimulus is a substance called Coenzyme. Naturally produced in the body, but also found in many foods, including nuts and oils, it teams up with other enzymes (hence the name ‘coenzyme’) to speed up the metabolic process and provide energy to our cells. Levels of this ‘energy spark-plug’ reduce with age so supplementation from the age of 40 years of age, could be your energy support saviour.

Customer close up – John

John is retired and has recently been diagnosed with high cholesterol and prescribed statins. He knows that his age and the cholesterol lowering drugs he’s taking have an effect on his body’s natural ability to produce CoQ10, an enzyme our cells use in the production of energy. As a result, his energy levels have subsided. He now takes CoQ10 200mg which helps convert glucose into energy that his muscles can use. John feels more in control of his condition, and alongside lifestyle and dietary changes he feels he’s on the path to better health.

There are two forms of CoQ10-ubiquinone and ubiquinol. When taken, the body converts ubiquinone in to the ‘active’ form ubiquinol. We offer this more bioavailable form as it’s considered to be an advance on the ubiquinone form of CoQ10. Ubiquinol is a good choice for those with specific health concerns wanting to ensure maximum absorption as well as people with digestive problems.

Did you know?
Coenzyme Q10 was discovered by scientists in 1957 and was named ubiquinone because it was ubiquitous in nature?

Multivitamins for men and women

We believe there is good reason to add a quality multi to your diet. Even the healthiest diets can fail to provide all the 40+ nutrients the body needs daily. With momentum building on restricted diets, exclusion diets and low-calorie dieting, as well as reduced nutrients in foods due to over processing, a good multi can plug any gaps that are not being met by the diet. Children can develop fussy eating tendencies and can avoid some food groups altogether, usually the one that nutritionally count the most. A multi with relevant levels, especially of vitamins A, C and D will help support their diet, while you invent new and exciting ways to disguise the foods they’re dodging!

Multi-vitamins are available for pregnancy, fertility, specific ages, genders and lifestyles, so be sure to pick a formula that is relevant to you and review your needs as your life changes. Ultimately, all the nutritional bases are covered when eating healthy fresh colourful foods, however, as this an ideal and not always the reality, a good quality multi-vitamin supplement is worth taking to bolster your daily regime.

Customer close up – Amir

Amir works in the city and where he would like to make more time to prepare his meals, he is often found running out the door and grabbing breakfast on the go from one of the shops on route. Lunch tends to be a poorly chosen snack at his desk, but he generally affords more time to cooking from scratch in the evening after the gym. Amir knows that taking a multi-vitamin doesn’t replace a healthy diet, but it can contribute to the daily nutrients he needs.  Amir chooses Multi-Guard® Active as it’s in a convenient one-a-day tablet.

A multi-vitamin and mineral suitable for both men and women, means a sharing pot will save on cupboard space! But practicality aside, Multi-Guard® Balance – for Men and Women is an inimitable formula containing cinnamon, chromium and magnesium at high strength levels. Other key ingredients include energy supporting nutrients; vitamin B1, B3 and B6.

Customer close up – Sarah and Greg

Sarah and Greg are highly charged, industrious professionals leading hectic lives, they share a common sweet-tooth and are often found reaching for a sugar-hit mid-late afternoon. These tea time temptations seem to restore their energy levels but only temporarily and soon after they get cravings to visit the biscuits once again. They both decided to take Multi-Guard® Balance as it contains high levels of chromium, which contributes to the maintenance of normal blood sugar regulation, and other nutrients which balance energy levels. Their ‘sugar-dips’ are less frequent and their appetite for sweet treats has satiated.

Women will testify that energy levels and mood are often disrupted at times during their monthly cycle. Premtis® could be the armour needed to weather the waves that all too often accompanies menstruation, a hands down favourite amongst our customers for its unique, high strength formula. This multi is crammed with tons of goodness that promises to make you feel yourself again! The inclusion of pantothenic acid, magnesium and iron all assist in the reduction in tiredness and fatigue, while the key B vitamins support normal psychological function. It also contains supercharged levels of vitamin D, which are crucial for making our muscles work efficiently and is involved in energy production.

Customer close-up – Ceris

Ceris’s mum suggested Ceris consider a multi-vitamin when she started menstruating, to reinforce her diet with important nutrients that are often in more demand during her cycle. She explained that iron and vitamin B6 are important for regulating hormone activity and that magnesium will help to relax her muscles and may ease her menstrual cramps. Ceris takes two small easy to swallow Premtis® tablets daily with a meal and has even recommended them to her friends, as she has noticed a real difference to how she feels, especially at more challenging times of the month.

Scientists are constantly searching for the secret to youth and how to prolong the impact of ageing. Although no nearer to this holy grail of knowledge, they have determined the effects that the hands of time take on the body. Evidence supports that our eyes lose their visionary sparkle and our bones become more tenuous as we journey into later life. So, what can be done to support these structures so that we can maximise quality of life for as long as possible? Choosing a specific multi-vitamin for your age, including high levels of lutein and plenty of antioxidants can be of benefit to eye health. High strength calcium and magnesium plus vitamin D are also highly valued for bone support in a multi for men and women of 50+ years of age. Multi-Max Complete is particularly relevant for women of menopausal age due to the credible levels of nutrients required for this stage of life.

Customer close-up – Luis and Sian

Luis and Sian have busy careers and spend a lot of their time in front of a screen of some description, whether it be the computer at work, texting the kids on their mobile phones, browsing the online shop for their food delivery or just relaxing in front of the TV, all this exhaustive screen time leaves their eyes in need of a little TLC. Knowing that they have sedentary working hours gives them the incentive to get out and be active when they can. They play tennis at their local centre and go hiking at the weekends and have done for years. They generally eat a healthy diet but know the value of a multi-vitamin when it comes to ticking all the boxes. They choose to take Multi-Max® Complete for its comprehensive formula and potent levels of the nutrients needed to support their vision and bone health.

A perfect partner to any multi-vitamin and mineral would be a high strength fish oil supplement. With impressive levels of omega 3s EPA 715mg and DHA 286mg per capsule, Maximum Strength Pure Fish Oil 1300mg is a convenient way to include essential fatty acids for people with an active lifestyle.

B Vitamins

A collection of eight vitamin champions which essentially help the body use the fuel provided by the big three; carbohydrates, fats and protein. Without their presence and collaboration as a group the body would find it difficult to generate the energy it needs to function. This family of B vitamins are central to well-being and play an important role in nerve function, immune function and hormone activity. The body has limited capacity to store most B vitamins, with the exception of B12 and folate, so it’s important to secure adequate amounts through diet. Food sources rich in B vitamins need to be consumed on a daily basis through a well-balanced nutritious range of foods. Some of the best B vitamin rich foods are: fish, fortified wholegrain cereals, lentils, nuts, eggs and milk. For the vegetarians and vegans amongst us, or plant-focused eating community, where meat is only eaten 2-3 times a week, the only reliable sources of vitamin B12 are fortified products such as some plant/nut milks and cereals. So, it is good advice to support a plant-based diet with a vitamin B12 supplement to consistently have this nutrient covered.

Did you know?
For B vitamins to be most effective they need to be taken as a family.

O-mazing Omegas

Committed herbivores may find it a challenge to consume enough omega 3 fats as there are very few plant-based sources which meet the level required to be of benefit. Chia seeds, flax seeds and walnuts go some of the way to providing certain omega 3 fats, that are absent from vegetarian and vegan diets. Confidence is growing in the healthy fats found in microalgae, however, the levels found in fish oils are unrivalled. For an outstanding ‘fish free’ source Veg Omega 3 capsules are a popular choice in boosting the levels found in a meat-free diet. Omega 3 essential fatty acids are a first choice to team with any supplements, but also as a stand-alone addition to a healthy diet. EPA and DHA are the beneficial ingredients in Fish Oil 1100mg – Pure Fish Oil and are in highly concentrated levels which support the maintenance of a healthy heart as well as joint mobility, and they contribute to brain development. With these impressive credentials it’s no wonder there is so much positive press about them!

Customer close up – Grace

Grace is a vegetarian and some of her friends at university are too with some being strictly plant based (vegan). Having done plenty of research before making her decision to exclude meat and fish from her diet, Grace knows that vegetarians and vegans are vulnerable to low levels of essential energy supporting nutrients, such as; vitamin B12, iron and vitamin D. Knowing that the B vitamins work much better as a family, she takes Multi-B Complex, which contains relevant levels of each B vitamin. B vitamins are fat soluble, as is vitamin D so Grace takes a vegan omega supplement at the same time, which is rich in Omega 3 essential fatty acids, to assist with absorption and give her the valuable ‘good’ fats that she needs.

* Pure fish oil is a superior form of Omega 3


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