Firstly, everyone has difficulty remembering things at times so dont panic. But dont be afraid to seek help and advice if you need to, thats a sign of good sense not weakness.

There are certain times during our lives when memory problems may occur during pregnancy for example some women experience period of forgetfulness, likewise women going through the menopause, these changes are usually short-lived as they are due in part to the hormonal changes that are taking place. Some prescription medications can hamper memory so if you think this might be the cause dont hesitate to discuss it with your health professional.

It is widely believed that correct nutrition can help achieve optimal mental functioning for life. Of particular importance in brain development are the Omega 3s, found in abundance in oily fish. We should try to eat it two to three times a week but few can hope to achieve optimum levels from diet alone and supplementation with the correct fish oil is most helpful. There are also a number of herbs and other brain-friendly nutrients worth considering along with the main antioxidants (vitamins C, E and selenium).
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  • Curcusorb™

  • 5 out of 5 (based on 21 reviews)
  • Unique, highly bioavailable form of curcumin

  • Unique highly bioavailable form of turmeric, helps you absorb up to 9 x more ‘active’ compounds & protects the natural curcuminods in turmeric.
  • 60 Tablets £24.95 Buy
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    Maximum Omega 1300mg
  • Maximum Omega 1300mg

  • 5 out of 5 (based on 23 reviews)
  • Pure one-a-day fish oil capsules, with 1040mg Omega 3s

  • UK's strongest one-a-day fish oil with a whopping 1040mg Omega 3s in each taste free, sweet orange oil impregnated capsule. 5 stage purification process.
  • 60 Capsules £15.50 Buy
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    Fish Oil 1100mg
  • Fish Oil 1100mg

  • 5 out of 5 (based on 537 reviews)
  • Double the strength of some Fish Oils

  • One of the UK’s strongest fish oils with an unrivalled 700mg of Omega 3s in each taste free capsule. Special 5 stage purification process.
  • 180 Caps £14.95 Buy
    360 Capsules in 2 pots £26.00 Buy
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    Turmeric 10,000mg
  • Turmeric 10,000mg

  • 5 out of 5 (based on 420 reviews)
  • One of the UK's strongest and purest, 95% curcumins

  • A perfect partner to glucosamine for joints and backs. Also used as a digestive. One of the UK’s strongest and purest one-a-day formulas.
  • 120 Tablets £23.00 Buy
    60 Tablets £14.95 Buy
  • Refreshall®
  • Refreshall®

  • 5 out of 5 (based on 16 reviews)
  • Ginkgo 6000, Rosemary, and herbs for memory

  • Helps maintain short term memory. High strength Ginkgo biloba plus sage, rosemary and lemon balm in a 4 pronged memory formula. Thousands of satisfied customers.
  • 120 tablets £14.25 Buy
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    Phosphatidyl Serine Complex
  • Phosphatidyl Serine Complex

  • 5 out of 5 (based on 15 reviews)
  • Perfect partner to Refreshall®

  • With zinc, essential for cognitive function. Each veggie tablet contains 100mg of pure Phosphatidyl Serine, a level consistent with studies. From non GM Soya.
  • 60 Tablets £15.95 Buy
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    Ginkgo Biloba 6000mg
  • Ginkgo Biloba 6000mg

  • 5 out of 5 (based on 145 reviews)

  • Helps maintain circulation to the extremities including the feet, hands and brain. May help memory in the short term. The UK’s best quality ginkgo
  • 180 Tablets £10.95 Buy
    360 Tablets in 2 pots £18.90 Buy
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    Sage 2500mg
  • Sage 2500mg

  • 5 out of 5 (based on 151 reviews)
  • One of the UK's strongest one-a-day sage products

  • High strength sage extract. This fascinating herb is popular with women going through the menopause and useful for memory.
  • 180 tablets in 2 pots £18.00 Buy
    90 Tablets £12.20 Buy
  • Vitamin B-100 Complex
  • Vitamin B-100 Complex

  • 5 out of 5 (based on 20 reviews)
  • UK's Strongest B Vitamin formula.

  • The UK’s strongest B Complex for short term use, 2-3 months. For convalescence or for an energy boost. One-a-day
  • 180 Tablets in 3 pots £31.00 Buy
    60 Tablets £10.95 Buy
  • Soya Lecithin Capsules
  • Soya Lecithin Capsules

  • 5 out of 5 (based on 31 reviews)
  • Convenient, rich source of choline, inositol and phosphatidyl serine.

  • Pure natural lecithin from soya. Great source of choline and inositol, plus phosphatadyl serine. Popular choice for slimmers. UK Made
  • 120 Capsules £6.50 Buy
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    Rosemary Oil
  • Rosemary Oil

  • 5 out of 5 (based on 2 reviews)
  • Energising and rejuvenating

  • Purest quality to give the deepest of fragrance to stimulate memory and concentration. Can also relieve muscular fatigue after physical exercise.
  • 20ml £5.95 Buy
  • Lecithin Granules
  • Lecithin Granules

  • 5 out of 5 (based on 22 reviews)
  • A naturally rich source of phosphatidyl choline and other phospholipids

  • Pure lecithin with a pleasant mild nutty taste. Great value source of choline, inositol and phosphatidyl serine for brain health, also popular with slimmers.
  • 450 Grams £11.95 Buy
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