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Why don’t we sell black or aged garlic?

 Why don’t we sell black or aged garlic?

What is black garlic?

Black garlic is fresh raw garlic that ferments over time in the Maillard reaction, a process that uses low heat and humidity of around 70 per cent to turn the cloves a distinctive black colour.

What is aged garlic extract?

When raw garlic is sliced and stored in 15-20 per cent ethanol or purified water for as long as 20 months, it becomes aged garlic extract. Aged garlic extract contains S-allyl-L-cysteine, da-allyl-disulphide, flavonoids, and other compounds.

What is black garlic and aged garlic commonly used for?

Black garlic is often taken due to it antioxidant content. Aged garlic is believed to support blood vessel health and reduce oxidative stress.

Why don’t we sell black garlic and aged garlic?

Black garlic research has largely been conducted on animal studies and needs to be further verified in human studies before any potential properties can be established.  As black garlic is subjected to a process involving heat it contains less of the active compound allicin found in fresh raw garlic. Aged garlic certainly shows promise and is on our new product development radar – watch this space!

What are the alternatives?

As there a number of nutrients with verified antioxidant profiles; vitamin C, vitamin E and green tea, to name a few, why not browse our range here to find a suitable substitution to black garlic.
Our expert Nutrition Advisors suggest Colladeen® Original as an alternative to aged garlic since it contains super strength polyphenols and vitamin C which supports the normal function of blood vessels. 
If you’re interests in garlic to support heart health take a look at our Garlic 3000mg Extra High Strength, Odour Controlled. It contains a guaranteed allicin yield of 2mg per tablet and may help to maintain normal cholesterol levels in the circulation when part of a healthy diet.

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