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Product Focus - Christmas Supplement Round-up

Tis the season to be jolly...and exhausted! Stumbling from one festive soirée to the next, busier that usual schedules and extended periods indoors can negatively impact our health. Thankfully, there is supplement support to keep you in fighting fettle for the exciting time ahead. Take a look at our Expert Nutrition Advisors top picks below…

Winter Wellness
With colder weather, more of us out socialising, shopping and travelling, seasonal snuffles are common. In fact, a healthy adult is likely to catch between 2-3 colds a year. So, get winter-ready with our top choices for immune support this break.

Echinacea Cold and Flu Relief
Traditional Herbal Remedy, 60 Tablets, 1 Month's Supply
For common cold symptoms and influenza type infections
ONLY £9.95
Tasty Zinc Lozenges, With Zinc, Vitamin C, Riboflavin & Bee Propolis Extract
Lemon & Honey Flavour, 150 Lozenges, 1+ Month's Supply
Zinc contributes to the normal function of the immune system
ONLY £6.65

Stress & anxiety
Whether it’s cooking the Christmas banquet, racing around the shops for those perfect last-minute gifts or worrying about the health of loved ones this season, be sure to have some herbal heroics up your sleeve to help support a sense of calm.

Valarian Tablets
Traditional Herbal Remedy, 60 Tablets, 1 Month's Supply
For The Relief Of Sleep Disturbances & Mild Anxiety
ONLY £13.95
Theanine and Lemon Balm Complex
With folic acid and biotin*, 60 Tablets, 1 month's supply
*For The Normal Function Of The Nervous System
ONLY £11.90

Low energy levels
The anticipation and activity expenditure leading up to Christmas can often leave us feeling burnt out by the time the actual event arrives. Maintain a healthy diet and quality sleep to keep energy levels optimised. For extra support why not try our top considerations for vitality this Christmas.

Siberian Ginseng 1500mg
Helps maintain that ‘get up and go’ feeling, 60 Tablets, 2 month's supply
Highly researched adaptogen
ONLY £9.95
MagAsorb® 375mg
Full strength magnesium, 180 Tablets, 6 month’s supply
For a reduction in tiredness and fatigue
ONLY £12.95

It wouldn’t be Christmas without the sweet treats, glass of fizz or party buffets. Keep a couple of our most popular herbals to hand if you suffer the consequences of overindulgence… a post prandial stroll is always good practice to help support digestion too.

Milk Thistle Tablets
Traditional Herbal Remedy, 30 Tablets, 1 Month's Supply
Relief Of Occasional Overindulgence, Indigestion, Upset Stomach
ONLY £12.95
Ginger 14,400mg
High Strength With 'Active' Gingerols. 90 Capsules, 3 month's supply
Popular herbal for digestion support
ONLY £9.50
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