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Our ethics

You wouldn’t believe the kind of nonsense we are regularly offered to add to our product range; supposedly ‘new’ nutrients, unusual exotic herbs and a collection of weird and wonderful devices. Of course we turn them down as we know its’ the stuff we don’t sell that helps to make Nature’s Best different from other mail order supplement companies. That’s because we only sell products based on solid science, with relevant potencies, formulated to our tight specification.

We refuse to sell endangered herbs

Some herbs are still collected from the wild and while this is sustainable for an indigenous population, the commercial collecting for world markets is driving many plants to extinction. That’s why all the herbs we sell are grown commercially and that’s why currently you won’t find, Pygeum, Hoodia, Pau D’Arco or Cats Claw in our range.

Honest and clear labelling

We declare all the ingredients we use, never hiding anything and all our products are accurately described and comply with current UK labelling regulations. We wish this was true of all supplement companies.

We don’t make medical claims

Nature’s Best does not make medical claims for the products we sell. No supplement company is allowed to claim that their products can treat, prevent or cure diseases. But if you go online you’ll find some companies, often trading from offshore, claiming that their products can prevent Alzheimer’s disease, treat impotence, cure cancer or banish depression. If they are prepared to make these illegal claims can you really believe anything they say about the quality of their products?

We insist on Made in the UK

We think consumers have the right to know where their supplements are made. Many cut price mail order supplements on sale in the UK are manufactured in China or India then shipped to the UK as bulk tablets and capsules. They are then packed into pots and given a UK or Channel Island address. Although this is quite legal we think it is misleading.

The good news is that when you buy from Nature’s Best you can be sure you’re getting products that are manufactured and tested in the UK. All our pots carry our UK quality mark which is your assurance that the product inside has been genuinely manufactured from start to finish in the UK, in factories working to pharmaceutical standards.

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