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Easy Recipes to Incorporate Turmeric into Your Diet

Proven Health Benefits of Turmeric

If you’ve spent any time perusing the health and wellness corner of the Internet, you’ll know turmeric is one buzzword that crops up a lot. And for good reason – this herbal wonder adds more than pizazz to your curries or scrambled eggs; its active compound, curcumin, has been widely touted for its impressive health benefitsi, this beautiful golden root wins on every front. If there’s one thing you to do today, stock up on turmeric and start adding it liberally to your food! It really is the spice of life.

Antioxidant support

In light of its immense antioxidant credentials, turmeric is a powerhouse for immunityii. Try this delicious tea for seasonal snuffles. Bring 1-½ cups of water to the boil and add one teaspoon of turmeric. Remove from the heat and add ¼ tsp. of ground ginger. Another quick win is making ‘golden milk’, which is especially in vogue at the moment. Instead of using water in the aforementioned recipe, choose milk, coconut milk, or another plant-based milk (ahem, creamy oat milk works a treat!). Added bonus: curcumin is fat-soluble, so consuming it with a fat-containing food will support its absorption.

Turmeric keeps your gut smiling 

Why not try adding a teaspoon of turmeric to a gut-soothing soup, using chicken bone broth or veggie stock as nourishing a base.

Cognitive function

Now here’s some food for thought: sprinkle turmeric on your scrambled eggs – another brilliant brain food, we might add. Seriously, breakfast will never be the same again. Think bright yellow, nutritionally dense, and mouth-wateringly moreish.

Add it to savoury porridge – yet another mighty mood-food by virtue of the tryptophan in oats, which is a precursor to your happy hormone, serotonin.

More ways to take turmeric

One simple way to reap the benefits of turmeric is in a superfood juice, jam-packed with goodness. Blend 1 apple, ½ cucumber, 80g beetroot, 1 tbsp. fresh turmeric, ½ fresh ginger, ½ tsp. lemon juice, and a pinch of black pepper. Et voila – a nourishing way to jumpstart your day!

This herbal hero has also been heralded for combating oxidative stress, caused by free radical scavengersiii. Add a teaspoon to your smoothies, curries and even scrambled eggs for a potent antioxidant hit.

For a heart-hugging snack, combine olive oil with turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, cumin and black pepper, and toss over chickpeas. Roast until crispy (around 20 minutes) and enjoy with a salad or as a snack.

An easy way to up your turmeric intake is by adding it to dressings. For a potent anti-inflammatory hit, mix apple cider vinegar, miso paste, tahini, and turmeric, and pour over salad to spice up your leaves.

Try our turmeric water recipe for a super quick and easy way to incorporate this Midas spice into your day.

How to make turmeric water:

  • Start by adding a teaspoon of turmeric powder to a glass of warm plant milk (or turmeric and hot water).

  • Stir well until the powder is completely dissolved.

  • Some people prefer adding a pinch of black pepper or a tablespoon of honey to enhance the flavour and maximise the turmeric water benefits.


Final thoughts

Turmeric is the big daddy of the spice world and, unquestionably, deserves its reputation.  To get the most from this beautifully golden spice, always partner turmeric with its best buddies for optimal absorption: fat-containing foods; oily fish, milk, avocados etc. Oh, and before you rush out to make a purchase, be sure to choose high-quality, organic, ground turmeric or fresh turmeric root where possible. All that’s left to do is get sprinkling! Your smoothies, soups and salads are crying out for a hit of this herbal hero.


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