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News Focus - October 2021

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Are omega-3 fatty acids prebiotic ingredients?

In this well conducted review researchers report small, consistent changes in the gut microbiome associated with a 6-week intervention with omega 3 fatty acids, comparable to prebiotic inulin fibre. More encouraging reasons to for omega 3 supplementation.

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Astaxanthin and heart health: What's the link?

Antioxidants such as astaxanthin safeguard the body against free radical damage - unstable molecules that can damage cells, causing illness and ageing. In this piece we cover dietary sources of astaxanthin and its connection with cardiovascular health.

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The four best vitamins for better skin - easy ways to get healthier, clearer skin

Beauty may only be skin deep, but we all want to maintain a youthful complexion for as long as possible, right? In this quest for youth you may wish to supplement your diet with some skin loving nutrients to help support clearer, brighter skin.

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Fish oil and blood pressure: What’s the link?

Heart health and fish oil have long been associated together but are you sure of the reason why? This editorial gives a thorough account of the important relationship this nutrient has in supporting health blood pressure.

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Best supplements for fatigue - best ways to stop tiredness

If you’re feeling drained of energy or vitality it’s likely that you’re suffering from tiredness and fatigue. This condition occurs for myriad reasons, but it could be a sign that you need to slow down and reflect on the key pillars of health - Nutrition being top of the pile. Read on to find out how you can reignite your energy levels through good food.

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How to get more omega-3 into your diet for a healthier, longer life

Oily fish is on the menu as research shows low levels of omega-3 can be as unhealthy as smoking. Here are the best ways to up your intake, with tasty recipes included.

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Are you suffering from 'adrenal fatigue'? Naturopath reveals the signs to watch out for - and the simple lifestyle tweaks to banish it fast

The adrenal glands sit perched on top of the kidneys and are responsible for producing essential hormones including cortisol (stress – after the past 18 months we’ve all experienced some of this!) adrenaline and sex hormones. They are not often attributed with much media attention, but thankfully this article explains their important function and how to spot the signs that suggest they may need some TLC.

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What causes vivid dreams?

With the onset of the pandemic also came higher reports of vivid dreams coined “pandemic dreams”. The effects of the pernicious events impacted people’s sleep, but for some, vivid dreams are a common occurrence. Take a look at what might disrupt your slumber and see how you could restore a restful night’s sleep in this exposition.

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