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News Focus - November 2022

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We’ve selected the following articles which grabbed our attention in the headlines this month. Read on to get clued up on the latest nutrition research/trends and check out our popular posts…


How to improve gut health over the Christmas period 


The festive season is one of merriment and celebration: present-giving, family get-togethers, and perhaps, even, snow. However, this joyous time of year is also one of overindulgence: sweet treats, rich food, and glasses overflowing with Bucks fizz, mulled wine and Eggnog. 

The countdown and frivolities may be fun, but all of this can take its toll on our hard-working gut microbiome. Unlike us, the microbial community living in our gut doesn’t get a chance to kick back, relax, and sit around the tree – oh no. It works around the clock, 365 days a year. And as the festive season unfolds, our gut is often in overdrive (hello, indigestion, bloating and other uncomfortable digestive symptoms). Here, we take a look at how to keep your gut happy and healthy over the party season (so you can still have your spiced Christmas cake and eat it, too!). Link to article.

Cold hands and feet: Causes and remedies

Many people struggle with cold hands and feet in the UK. And it can make bracing the winter elements tremendously challenging. Without the warmth of the sunshine, blood flow resistance increases, and blood vessels constrict. To keep the core temperature in a healthy range, the body reduces blood flow to the skin and extremities. And that’s why these areas tend to feel the chill much more.

What deficiency causes cold hands and feet?  Aside from the cold weather, cold hands and feet can also be a sign of an iron deficiency. Iron deficiency anaemia can cause cold extremities because a lack of haemoglobin rich red blood cells means the body struggles to circulate oxygen to the right tissues in the body. Read on to find out more. Link to article.


How to ease into autumn and winter when you have SAD


If you have Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) then you may be experiencing symptoms such as persistent low mood, difficulty concentrating or sleeping in for longer than usual.  This article offers theories into why the lack of sunlight affects wellbeing, covers the symptoms, and gives useful lifestyle hacks to adopt over the winter months. Link to article

‘Twitchy’ muscles could signal a magnesium deficiency - best way to top up your levels


Restless muscles are a common condition that can often disrupt rest, and in particular, sleep.  This article explains the value of the mineral magnesium in keeping those involuntary twitches at bay. The role magnesium plays in the body, symptoms of low magnesium levels and ways in which to increase dietary intake are all covered here. Link to article

The 'first sign' of high cholesterol hits your legs and it can be 'serious', warns doctor


Every single person has cholesterol; you need it to keep your body functioning optimally. Trouble is, having too much of the ‘bad’ kind can clog arteries and pave the way for future health complications.  High cholesterol rarely presents symptoms, but in this piece, we uncover that this is not always the case. Link to article

Lack of sufficient sleep can lead to an 11% increase in visceral fat in the belly – study


Since the quality of your sleep affects almost all areas of life, especially health, we created a Knowledge Hub filled with expert information on how to improve sleep and feel more energised.  This article echoes the importance of sleep and how visceral fat (fat stored deep within the belly) can disrupt valuable slumber time. Link to article

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