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News Focus - April 2023

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Daily vitamins are helpful in supporting cognitive health 


Along with the advised behavioural strategies to support cognitive health; exercise, staying hydrated, quality sleep and eating a healthy diet, newly published data now highlights the importance of supplements in preserving neurological health. Link to article.


Exercise and blood sugar

Exercise can affect blood sugar levels in different ways.  Typically, being physically active can lower blood sugar levels, however, it does depend on the type of exercise, as conversely, blood sugar levels may also elevate. Here we explore the relationship between exercise and blood sugar behaviour. Link to article.


Why is garlic good for you?


There is so much more to garlic than its culinary use. This bulbous plant has long been recognised for its important health properties, playing a role in immunity and cardiovascular function. Here, we take a look at why you should eat more garlic. Link to article

Live longer: The power of polyphenols


Polyphenols are naturally occurring compounds found mainly in plant-based foods such as tea, grapes and blueberries. Their health supporting properties are widely known and are often referred to as antioxidants alongside vitamin C and E. Find out more about the power of polyphenols here. Link to article

Supplements for every stage of life


There’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach to nutrition, so it’s important to consider what your individual requirements are at your stage of life. Whether it’s puberty, pregnancy or menopause, your diet will need to cover certain needs to support optimal health. Take a look at what nutrients you might need here. Link to article

Simple diet tweaks could see cholesterol levels fall in ‘weeks’


How you choose to move your body and what dietary choices you make could be the recipe for cholesterol health, according to this case study report. Take a look at how one person adopted simple changes that positively affected their cholesterol reading. Link to article

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