Chia Seeds (Salvia Hispanica)

100% Whole Chia Seeds 250g
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  • Great plant based source of Omega fats, protein and fibre
  • Add to food or drinks, without affecting the flavour
  • Attractive addition to many recipes or use toasted
  • Great added to smoothies, breads and cereals.
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  • Great plant based source of Omega fats, protein and fibre
  • Add to food or drinks, without affecting the flavour
  • Attractive addition to many recipes or use toasted
  • Great added to smoothies, breads and cereals.
Product Information

Chia Seeds may be small, but they’re big on goodness! Packed with highly nutritious essentials including protein, fibre and omega fats.

These seeds originate from the desert plant called Salvia Hispanica, which naturally grows in Mexico. It dates back to Mayan and Aztec cultures where they used the seeds to provide them with energy, due to their nutrient rich credentials. In fact, Chia translates as "strength" for just that reason.

Their unusual mixture of colours make them an attractive addition to many recipes from seeded breads to cakes or as an extra omega boost at breakfast time, added to your favourite cereal. As they’re neutral in taste kids won’t mind them either, mixed into yoghurts or fruit smoothies.

As we know, historically, the chia seed was a staple part of the diet in South America and now it has become hailed as a "superfood" in Europe due to its unique nutrition profile.

Chia Seeds are rich in fibre which helps with the feeling of fullness. They provide slow releasing energy which helps to keep blood sugar levels stable. Mild and nutty in flavour Chia Seeds are a concentrated food source containing healthy plant based omega 3 fatty acids, carbohydrates, protein, fibre, antioxidants and calcium. Our Chia Seeds are unprocessed, wholegrain food that can be easily absorbed by the body.

We love to use Chia Seeds to cereals, sauces, vegetable and rice dishes, yoghurts, smoothies, baked goods and breads - what will you use them for?

Soak one tablespoon of chia seeds to three tablespoons of water, leave for up to an hour to form a gel like consistency. Use as a binding ingredient to replace eggs. Grinding chia seeds will release a greater level of nutritional benefits.

Did you know?
The recommended daily intake of fibre for adults is 30g? So including 2 tablespoons of Chia Seeds to your diet each day would be a useful contribution, as two tablespoons equates to approximately 10g of fibre.

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Typical values per 100g
Of which Saturate2.7g
Of which Sugars0.8g
Chia Seeds
For allergens, see ingredients listed in bold.
Packed in an environment where nuts, peanuts, soya, milk, sesame, gluten and lupin are handled.
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By Anonymous , 18 Jul 2020
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To make up missing nutrients from my diet. Chua seeds are so easy to Use, just sprinkle on cereal or add to areas casseroles . Excellent buy and so so convenient. I feel they do me a power of good. Good price
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By Elizabeth Smithson , 11 Jul 2020
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This is new to me. Would like ways to use the seeds.
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Chia Seeds can be added whole to foods such as salads and cereals. They can also be added to smoothies and juices to increase the nutrient content.
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"Good chia seeds"
By Irene Grant , 09 Jul 2020
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Good, healthy product
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"Chia Seeds."
By Graeme Register , 04 Jul 2020
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These are good for antioxidants, fiber and raise HDL cholesterol. All useful for the body.
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