Vitamin B12 1000µg (Methylcobalamin)

High strength, popular with vegetarians
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  • Small, easy to swallow tablets
  • Made to GMP pharmaceutical standards
  • Great savings on the high street at less than 5p /day
  • High strength tablets will help support any diet

Vitamin B12 is found mainly in animal based foodstuffs such as meat which is why it is often chosen as a regular supplement by vegetarians and vegans. It is essential for normal red blood cell formation and contributes to the normal function of the immune system. And like most B vitamins it contributes to normal energy metabolism, the processes that release energy from foods. It is often recommended as a supplement for the elderly, who may have a compromised diet.

This is a high strength product delivering a level of Vitamin B12 that will be sufficient for every situation. Our multi for the 50+ age group, Multimax Advance®, also has a high level at 50µg, as does our B50 Complex.

Read more about Vitamin B Levels here.
Product Information
Daily Intake
Take 1 tablet daily with a meal. Do not exceed recommended daily dose.
Food supplements should not replace a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.
Typically per tablet
Vitamin B121000µg (methylcobalamin)
DiCalcium Phoshpate,Cellulose, Silicon Dioxide, Stearic Acid, Magnesium Stearate, Vitamin B12 (as Methylcobalamin).
Suitable for / Cautions
Suitable For
This product is suitable for all adults. This product is suitable for vegetarians.
This product is free from wheat, yeast, dairy, soya, nuts and shellfish.
This product is free from gluten containing ingredients.
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By , 13 Mar 2018
I use the product as I have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism
Recommend to a friend: Yes
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"It works."
By , 14 Feb 2018
I am in my third age, a type 2 diabetic, have arthritis and I’m also a pescatarian. I believe Vit B12 helps my brain function as well as many other benefits.
Recommend to a friend: Yes
Value for money:
How much has this product helped you?
"Perfect for Vitamin B12 absorption problems"
By , 13 Jan 2018
I have a problem absorbing Vitamin B12. Lack of B12 causes tiredness, and listlessness. I have used patches for a quick cure, but these daily tablets are excellent, and my quality of life has improved immensely.
Recommend to a friend: Yes
Value for money:
How much has this product helped you?
"Just started using this so to early to say anything "
By , 11 Jan 2018
Recommend to a friend: Don't know
Value for money:
How much has this product helped you?
"Great product "
By , 04 Jan 2018
My husband uses Vit B daily and particularly the B12 seems to help him. He is rather nervy and this helps with that and with fatigue.
Recommend to a friend: Yes
Value for money:
How much has this product helped you?