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News Focus - April 2021

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Best supplements for low mood: Magnesium could help with low mood and anxiety symptoms

Low magnesium levels have now been linked to depressive disorders, and as this article describes, is a vital mineral for mental health.

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How to live longer: Apple cider vinegar may support blood sugar levels and cardiovascular health

Apple cider vinegar is a delicious way to dress a salad, but it may have health supporting properties too. This article looks into the findings of a published study on the effects of cider vinegar on blood sugar.

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High blood pressure: Double vision and three other perceptible symptoms to look for

Advice from Heart UK and the NHS on how to maintain healthy blood pressure, with diet and lifestyle tips.

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Why Magnesium Is the Secret to a Good Night's Sleep

If you’re in the same camp as two-thirds of British men that are having trouble sleeping, then this article is a must-read. Includes a science-backed guide on how to achieve restorative sleep.

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Cinnamon may support blood sugar control

An interesting 12-week study where participants added cinnamon to their diet. Read on to find out how it affected their blood sugar levels.

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Cognitive health: Exercise and the brain

Exercise keeps us fit, helps keep our weight down and reduces our risk of major illnesses. But one thing that may not immediately spring to mind when you think of exercise is the amazing effect it has on your brain.

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Astaxanthin and Eye Health: The Potential Benefits

Astaxanthin has been investigated by many research teams who believe it may help prevent and treat certain eye conditions., Find out more about this amazing carotenoid.

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