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Product Focus - Colladeen Visage

Over 70,000 of our customers now regularly take Colladeen®, and the reviews expressed show how happy they are…

Colladeen® Visage is our advanced formula for skin.

  • In a 24-week study on women we found:
  • 6% reduction in wrinkle depth and appearance
  • Skin elasticity and firmness increased
  • Spider veins visibly reduced by 50%
  • Internal skin protection spf15, after 24 weeks

Some of the very active nutrients (anthocyanidins) known to bind to the Matrix Metallproteinase (MMP) enzymes are present in Colladeen® Visage and the study showed that by slowing down the action of these MMP’s, it is possible to tip the balance between breakdown and renewal of collagen and elastin, towards renewal. In return, this helps to plump up the dermis from the inside, something that moisturisers are unlikely to do.

Skin ageing

Wrinkles are the most obvious sign of skin ageing because they are easy to see. The deterioration in the skin’s firmness and elasticity plays a huge part in our appearance. As skin loses its plumpness, it becomes thinner, and it sags and generally looks drier. Moisturisers are a temporary fix, but it’s the underlying layer, the dermis, that needs help. And the only way to help is from within, by supporting the network of tiny capillaries.

Why do we need collagen?
Elasticity - as we age our bodies produce less collagen and elastin fibres, so the balance between breakdown and renewal of these protein fibres changes for the worse. This is compounded by extrinsic factors, particularly sun damage.

The effects of sun damage - Sunlight speeds up the destruction of collagen and elastin, through the production of free radicals as well as localised inflammation, and this in turn ‘switches on’ the body’s own enzymes called MMP’s, that break down collagen and elastin.

The development of wrinkles
When collagen and elastin production declines, the dermis will start to lose its elasticity and become thinner. There is also a reduction in hydration caused by a decline in the network of tiny blood vessels. As a result, folds or fine lines, start to appear on the skin surface and are initially only visible when a muscle moves. But these lines develop into wrinkles that eventually turn into the dreaded furrows, which are permanently visible.

RDI: 2 tablets - Code: 555
60 Tablets - £19.95
120 Tablets - £36.00 (Save £3.90!)
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Colladeen® Visage
  • Natural plant extracts support from anthocyanidins and lutein
  • Green tea extract gives protection to the skin from UV induced damage including oxidative damage
  • Biotin and niacin for the maintenance of normal skin
  • Vitamin C contributes to normal collagen formation for the normal function of skin and blood vessels

2 tablets provide:

  • Anthocyanidin/Pro Anthocyanidins 320mg
  • Green Tea Leaf (as 50mg extract) 500mg
  • Lutein 6mg
  • Zeaxanthin 240μg
  • Vitamin C 40mg
  • Niacin (B3) 8mg
  • Biotin 25μg

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