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The Importance of Strength

We concentrate on nutritional strength at relevant levels in all our supplements. We adopt a clear and honest approach and produce supplements with science backed formulas.

The importance of potency

Why is relevant strength in a supplement important?

Strength refers to the concentration of active ingredients in a supplement. It is a factor in determining the effectiveness of dietary supplements. Here are several reasons why strength at relevant levels is important for supplements:

Efficacy: The primary goal of taking dietary supplements is to obtain positive health outcomes. Relevant strength ensures that the supplement contains a sufficient amount of active ingredients to deliver the desired effects. If a supplement does not contain relevant levels of a nutrient, it may not provide the intended outcome.

Consistency & Quality: Strength ensures consistency in the formulation of supplements. We need to ensure that each batch of supplements contains the same amount of active ingredients as specified on the label. This consistency and guarantee of quality are crucial for our customers who rely on the supplement to support their health and wellness goals.

Safety: Relevant strength is also important for ensuring the safety of dietary supplements. If a supplement is too strong, it may exceed safe dosage limits and lead to adverse effects or negative outcomes. However, if a supplement is not strong enough, it may fail to deliver the desired effects, leading to frustration and disappointment for our customers.

Personalised Dosing: Different strength levels allows for personalised dosing based on individual needs and requirements. Some individuals may require higher doses of certain nutrients due to specific health concerns, deficiencies, or lifestyle factors. By providing higher strength options, supplements can cater to these personalised needs.

Although strength is important, it is crucial to give precedence to safety and tolerance. With over 41 years of expertise in the field of vitamins, minerals, and supplements, we always prioritise these factors above everything else. That is why our supplements contain appropriate levels of nutrients, rather than simply aiming for the highest levels to appear superior.

How is strength measured?

Micrograms (µg) and milligrams (mg) are units of measurement used to quantify the amount of a substance in supplements. The key difference between them lies in their magnitude, with a microgram being one thousand times smaller than a milligram. When it comes to supplements, reading the label is crucial because it allows customers to understand the precise dosage of the active ingredient they are taking. Even small variations in dosage can have significant effects on the body, especially when dealing with strong ingredients. Therefore, being aware of the microgram or milligram content ensures that individuals can accurately follow recommended guidelines (NRVs – Nutritional Reference Values) and make informed decisions about their health and wellbeing. To find out more about NRVs click here.

If you are unsure what strength product to choose, or have any questions, contact our expert Nutrition Advisors as they will guide you to the right choice to support your specific needs.


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