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FAQs - General Questions

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General Questions

How do I search for the products I want?

There are several ways to search for products.
  • By Ailment, if you know the ailment you are searching for click on the ailment and the products will appear of which aid the ailment. (this also gives a description of the ailment).
  • Browse by category, which if you know the product type then click the category and the products in this field will appear (this also gives a description of the category).
  • Quick order. If you know the product codes, you can enter these with the quantity and then click Check Codes. This will then put the descriptions of the products codes you have entered. If you have chosen a wrong product code, you can remove this from the basket by clicking remove
  • Search field. You can type in the description of the product or part of the name and this will bring you to the closest matches.

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