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News Focus - October 2020

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Hair loss treatment: Important mineral supports hair growth

The supporting role of zinc in hair health is highlighted in this 12 week study with positive results.

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Experts have listed vitamins needed to support vision

Eye strain is on the rise due to increased screen time and long driving journeys. In this article experts discuss nutrients which are needed to support eye health.

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Why do I compare myself to others?

Social comparison, we all do it, but why do we do it and is it harmful to our mental health? All these questions answered and more in this reference based review.

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‘Encouraging’: Preliminary study supports rhodiola’s cognitive benefits

Daily supplements containing a rhodiola rosea extract, a popular herbal supplement, may support mental health, suggests data from a pilot study from Germany.

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High cholesterol: Supplements which lower levels and support heart health

High cholesterol increases the risk of heart conditions and shouldn’t be ignored. Two nutrients are highlighted in this column which help to maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

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Andropause: Understanding the signs of ‘male menopause’

From the age of 40, men experience a steady decline in the male sex hormone, testosterone; this is known as the andropause. One of the many articles from our new Menopause Hub.

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Best supplements for the immune system: Three easy pills to swallow this season

With winter approaching it’s a good time to consider how to keep your health at optimal level. Some great supplement suggestions in this feature will offer a supporting hand.

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High flavanol diet may lead to lower blood pressure

Flavanol-rich foods are back in the health news, why? Because they deserve more time in the spotlight, especially when they maybe helpful in supporting cardiovascular health.

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