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News Focus - September 2019

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From bones to heart health: 5 conditions to monitor as you age

An informative piece that gives an overview of how ageing affects the body. Useful lifestyle tips on how to stay healthy and supplement suggestions, too.  One nutrient in particular is vitamin B5, it’s vital for a healthy digestive system and energy.  This article highlights the role of B5 and how best to maximise your intake.

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Best supplement for the brain: Taking this twice a day may support your brain health

A very convincing case for curcumin in connection with cognitive health. Supported by a study of adults over the course of 18 months.

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Gum disease causes and natural treatments for gingivitis

Signs, symptoms and solutions to resolve this surprisingly common condition are covered in this feature.

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6 lifestyle factors that could be affecting your liver health

If you thought drinking alcohol to excess was the sole culprit for declining liver health, you may be surprised to learn that myriad factors compromise the function of this vital organ, all of which are covered in this piece.

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Best supplements: Should you take iron supplements? How to know you are iron deficient?

A focus on low iron levels, the signs to look out for, the role it plays in the body, absorption and useful food sources.

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Iron under the spotlight as MPS debate the need for greater education to at-risk groups

The spotlight is on iron this month. This piece gives an ‘under the microscope’ account of the importance of this mighty mineral.

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Can cherry juice support cognitive function?

A small clinical study shows promising evidence that cherry juice can help support cognitive function in older adults.

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Cognitive boost: Study flags lutein’s potential in influencing memory performance

We’re no stranger to the amazing carotenoid, lutein, we’ve been advocating it for years! The evidence continues to grows for its health supporting properties. In this article the focus is on cognitive performance.

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Weight loss vs fat loss: what’s the difference?

If you’re wondering why the scales don’t reflect your efforts at the gym this article has the answer. Learn all about fat-loss strategies and muscle retention as well as healthy lifestyle tips.

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