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News Focus - May 2020

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How does social media affect mental health?

As we become increasingly dependant on social media for our news and communication with friends, family and colleagues it’s important to understand the impact this exposure may have on our wellbeing. Read on to see how social media may be affecting you.

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How to support your immune system ahead of returning to work after lockdown

Many of us have returned to our places of work and the prevalent question at the top of the list is: how do I support my immune system? This feature offers candid advice worth following.

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Garlic lowers blood pressure, improves arterial stiffness, and increases gut microbiota: A meta-analysis

In-depth exploration into garlic, the popular herbal hero, in connection with heart health. A compelling read supported by study data.

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Eye health concerns exacerbated as lockdown increases screen time

Whether it’s working from home losing track of the hours, endlessly browsing Insta or clocking more TV time, it all has an impact on eye health. Take a look at how increased screen time may raise concerns for our eyesight.

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6 Ways to reduce your sugar consumption

Refined sugar is reported to be as detrimental to our health as smoking and alcohol. Beat your sugar cravings but still get a sweet hit with these great tips.

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Heart health: Can hormonal changes cause heart palpitations?

Hormones have a central role in keeping our hearts healthy. The menopause is responsible for a disruption to those delicate chemical messengers – so what impact does this have on heart health? Your questions are answered in this article.

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How to reduce the impact of blue light on your sleep pattern

What is blue light? And how does it affect how we sleep? A great educational piece with helpful bedtime tips and a link to the very best advice on sleep health.

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Body-nourishing foods to fight fatigue and stay energised

Have you ever considered that those feelings of tiredness and lethargy may be connected to your diet? In this editorial we learn how the foods we eat can have a direct influence on the way we feel.

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How to deal with loneliness and feeling isolated

In the past few months many of us have experienced isolation for the first time, for others, it’s a part of life. Dealing with feelings of loneliness and solitude isn’t always intuitive. Read on for helpful counsel.

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