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News Focus - May 2019

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Omega-3 and Air Pollution: Supplementation May Help Support Cardiovascular Health

We are huge fans of omega 3s so it’s great to see affirmation of yet another reason to increase the intake of this nutrient.  With poor air quality on the rise this article offers fascinating insight into a number of trials based on air pollution and omega 3 supplementation.

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Why We Should Focus on the Health of Our Gut Not Our Weight

The gut.  One of the top reasons people seek advice from Nutritionists.  This piece focuses on how instrumental gut health is to overall wellbeing and how unbalance in the microbiota can affect weight gain.

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Turmeric, Could Help Improve Memory and Mood According to New Research

It’s true, everyone’s talking about turmeric!  And this is a prime example.  Backed by studies, this editorial explores the value in adding this exceptional spice to the diet to support cognition and wellbeing.

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Choosing the Right Natural Treatment for PCOS Hair Loss

Hair loss is upsetting whatever the reason, but this article is a sensitive piece focused on women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.  Natural treatments are explored and a detailed look into the condition make this a constructive read.

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What Are Nootropics? Your Guide To The Best Brain-supporting Nutrients

The new buzz word in brain health; nootropics.  With brain and neurological health problems on the rise this article opens a window into natural support for cognitive health.

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What Happens to Our Eyes as We Age?

We know how precious our eyes are, that’s why we developed our own specific supplements to support eye wellbeing.  This article takes a deep-dive into our eyes as we age.  A must-read for anyone looking to maintain eye health.


What is Hay Fever?

Spring is a truly treasured time, however, if you suffer from hay fever you might not be quite so welcoming of this season.  If you’ve ever wondered what happens to the body when pollen strikes this article will tell-all.  Also included are great tips on how to reduce hay fever symptoms.


Study Backs Prebiotic Chicory Fibre to Maintain Children's Good Bacteria

We’ve been advocates of chicory fibre for many years, gentle enough for children to take and a great way to support the sensitive microbiota.  This piece is supported by qualified research and makes interesting reading.

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