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News Focus - June 2019

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Best Supplements for the Brain: Vitamins and Minerals That Support the Brain's Functions

Nootropics are the nascent term for nutrients specifically relevant to supporting cognitive health. This piece covers the top brain supporting supplements accompanied by where the nutrients can be found in the diet.

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Elderberry Compounds Could Help with Flu Symptoms, Study Suggests

An expose on elderberry, a popular herbal remedy which has been used for millennia. A detailed study with surprising results.

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Food for Thought: Chia Seeds

An inclusive article detailing the provenance, history and nutritional credentials of these prized seeds. You’ll know everything there is to know about chia seeds at the end of this piece, and how they justifiably obtained ‘super food’ status. There’s also a delicious recipe!

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Taking Popular Supplement Could Help Lower Risk of Heart Conditions

Experts have identified another string to this nutrient’s bow in a large scale data review.

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Brilliant Brazil Nuts

A great read into this amazingly nutritious nut. This feature covers the history, uses, nutritional profile and latest research into Brazil nuts. Certainly worth a read and there’s a great recipe on how to make your own nutritious nut milk.

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Omega 3 Oils and Vitamin B Supplements: A Winning Combination

A short account of how these two nutrients can support cognitive health.

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Menopause: How It Might Affect You?

A detailed feature delineating the symptoms of menopause. Some excellent advice on how to manage symptoms, helpful lifestyle changes and natural supplement suggestions..


Eye Health: How Do I Stop My Eye from Twitching

Most of us are familiar with a twitching eye, but what causes it and what can we do about it? This article gives insight into this common condition and tips on how to manage the twitch.




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