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News Focus - June 2022

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13 Foods high in vitamin K to ddd to your diet

Vitamin K is essential for maintaining heart and blood vessel function, so a diet compromised of this nutrient is likely to call for supplementation. Take a look at tasty ways to introduce more of this vital vitamin into your mealtimes.

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Living with epilepsy

The number of people affected by epilepsy in the UK is thought to be around 600,000 – that’s the equivalent of almost one in 100. If you or someone you know has epilepsy this article will explain all the salient factors involved with the condition.

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Children’s health: Rashes and itchy skin

As your little ones develop their immune systems it’s likely they’ll be susceptible to infectious illnesses, distressing, yes, but help is at hand! This excellent article explains common infections, immunisation, effective treatments and natural support for children’s immunity.

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Best supplements for women over 40: Two daily pills recommended for optimal health

Considering additional ways to support optimal health when reaching the big 4 0 is good advice. Our nutritional needs change with age and our diet choices should reflect this. With this in mind, this article highlights just two nutrients that are worth including in your daily regimen.

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High blood pressure: 'Optimal' dose of omega-3 fatty acids daily may lower reading

According to Blood Pressure UK around 1 in 3 adults in the UK has high blood pressure. With statistics that high it’s well advised to be aware of the risks and what experts recommend to help prevent and lower blood pressure. Read on for study supported data.

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What does vitamin C do?

Vitamin C is a bit of a household name. We know it’s found abundantly in oranges, and many of us turn to it to stave off winter colds. But there’s so much more to vitamin C than this. Here, we take a closer look at what vitamin C does in the body.

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A cup of cranberries a day may improve memory and brain function

Cranberries are a source of flavonoids - plant compounds reported to have health supporting properties. This study suggests that two types of flavonoids found in cranberries, anthocyanidins and proanthocyanidins proffer features that can be helpful for cognitive health.

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What is protein?

Did you know that protein is found in every cell in the body – from your skin and bone to your hair and muscle? Protein isn’t just the preserve of gym-buffs, we all need it to repair damaged cells and retain muscle mass. This exposition highlights the importance of protein, how much to consume daily and the best food sources.

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