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News Focus - January 2024

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How can collagen supplements support beauty from within?

There has been extensive research into collagen supplements in the last decades. And in the context of helping you glow from within, the findings are promising. Many people regularly take collagen supplements to support skin health and appearance. Click below to find out more about this top trending ingredient. Link to Article


People in the world’s ‘blue zones’ live longer – their diet could hold the key to why

Blue Zones offer valuable insights into longevity and well-being. These regions, like Okinawa, Sardinia, and Nicoya, boast a high number of centenarians. Their lifestyles emphasize plant-based diets, regular physical activity, strong social connections, and stress reduction. By adopting their practices, we can enhance our own health and vitality. Link to Article

Bone health and plant-based diets

When it comes to bone health, could following a vegan diet be problematic? After all, we know calcium – dairy being one of the main sources – is essential for healthy bones. But if you don’t eat dairy, how can you get enough calcium in your diet? Find out how below. Link to Article

Nurturing gut health post-tummy bug

Discover some valuable insights on how to restore your gut health after experiencing a tummy bug. Covered in this piece are nutrition tips, supplement support and lifestyle suggestions to implement for a successful recovery. Link to Article

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