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News Focus - August 2019

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Vitamin B5: the seeds to eat to top up levels of this essential vitamin

Processed foods and prolonged cooking times deplete valuable gut supporting nutrients from food.  One nutrient in particular is vitamin B5, it’s vital for a healthy digestive system and energy.  This article highlights the role of B5 and how best to maximise your intake.

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Berries for breakfast: Polyphenol-rich foods may have cardioprotective effects, study suggests

A published study into the heart supporting wonders of polyphenol packed foods.  A compelling reason to add berries and cinnamon to your diet daily.

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Study hints at differences between vitamins K1 & K2 for heart health

A deep-dive into the nutritional specifics between vitamin K1 and K2.  With data to support the health supporting properties of vitamin K this piece gives it the exposure it deserves.

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Can You Use Ginger to Treat Acid Reflux?

Ginger is a well-known herbal aid to digestion. However, this piece explores how it might be helpful for those suffering with acid reflux.

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Flavonoids and Vision: Can They Boost My Eye Health

This piece shines the spotlight on flavonoids. We learn all about these plant-based wonders and how they can support healthy vision.

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Long-distance runner? These are the vitamins and minerals your body needs

If you’ve started training for a big race or have just begun your running journey this article is a great tool to support your goals and optimise your performance.

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Never mind timing: This is the whey to muscle gains in ageing women

Studies confirm that muscle loss is a symptom of ageing, so can protein supplements help gain muscle and push back against the hands of time?  This feature may have the answers.

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Teen or Over-50: Exercise to Support You Through Key Life Stages

Exercise has a new image and it’s fast, essential and fun.This account highlights the forms of exercise best suited at supporting the different age groups and their benefits to health.

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