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News Focus - April 2020

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Staying in shape at home

Many of us are using this time to catch up on quality rest and relaxation. However, it is more important than ever to keep fitness levels up to help support the immune system. Follow this simple guide to staying in shape while staying safe at home.

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Systematic review supports lutein for cognitive health

If you’ve not bought in to the credible carotenoid, lutein, yet, then this study based review is sure to convince you!

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Study links vitamin D supplementation to healthier hearts in children

Heart health is a growing concern amongst infants who are overweight and obese. Study details reveal the relevance of vitamin D in the quest to support cardiovascular health.

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How a vegan diet could affect your intelligence

Adopting a plant-based diet has undisputable benefits. However, there are important brain supporting nutrients that cannot be obtained in sufficient quantities from a vegan diet alone. A great read studded with interesting facts and research.

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Relaxation tips while staying at home

If you’ve been feeling worried or concerned over the past few months - you are certainly not alone! This article offers some useful ways to unwind and inspire calm.

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Best supplements for blood pressure: Three natural remedies proven to lower your reading

Leading a healthy lifestyle and eating a diet plentiful in fruit and vegetables is hackneyed advice for heart health - but remains unshakable. This piece explores the supporting role of an antioxidant found in maritime bark extract.

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Is heart disease genetic? Family history and heart health

If you have a family member who has a heart health concern, it’s likely you will have asked yourself this question. With so many articles available it’s hard to get succinct advice. Search no further - this feature offers helpful counsel.

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Herbs for Tendons, Ligaments & Muscles

Gardening is the highlight of warmer weather for some of us, however, it is often thwarted with back aches and muscle pains. Nature has cleverly provided a range of herbal heroes to help soothe the physical exerts – read all about them here.

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