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News Focus - April 2019

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Lysine for Cold Sores: Does It Work?

A ‘deep-dive’ into cold sores, prevention, treatments and how lysine may be helpful.  Really useful content which includes which food sources contain this important nutrient.

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Taking Vitamin C Won't Prevent the Common Cold, but Here's How It Can Affect Your Body

For generations we’ve been advised to ‘up’ our intake of vitamin C during the cold and flu season, but is this age-old adage backed by any science? Find out more about this anything but dull nutrient.

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9 Nutritional Deficiencies Associated with Anxiety and Low Mood

A detailed look into which nutrients are particularly valuable for supporting low moods. This editorial gives foods sources for each nutrient and their benefits to good health.

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Can Myo-Inositol Help Clear My Skin? the Science so Far

This relatively nascent nutrient makes a pitch for supporting those with complexion conditions. A thorough article backed by convincing research.

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Nutritional Psychiatry: Can You Eat Yourself Happier?

A very topical piece examining the relationship between mental wellbeing and poor food choices. An educational read with great healthy eating tips.

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Why 5 A Day?

Stating the obvious may prove to be a true maxim is this article, but it does serve to highlight the health benefits of fruit and vegetables and how to achieve that magic 5 a day.

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Will CoQ10 Be Useful for My PCOS?

A supportive piece for Polycystic Ovarian sufferers offering insight into the fascinating nutrient CoQ10. Includes advice on which food sources contain CoQ10 and how it might be helpful.


Targeting Millennials: Cognitive Supplements Not Just “for Old People,”

It’s never too early to consider brain health, as this article highlights. Younger generations are embracing nutritional advice to support focus, attention and retention.

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