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News Focus - May 2021

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Recent research supports case for lutein's cognitive effects

Lutein is well-established as an eye health ingredient, but now numerous studies support the importance of lutein in brain health too. Read on to find out more.

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Why strength is the secret to 40-plus fitness – and how to keep midlife muscles strong

Your muscle strength may have suffered during the pandemic due to reduced activity levels. Find out how to regain muscle mass and maintain it.

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‘Exciting news’: High dose omega-3 may support ‘stress resilience’

Daily supplementation with a high dose of omega-3 fatty acids may help slow the effects of aging says this new study.

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How to lower cholesterol: The best way to start reducing cholesterol levels explained

If you've been told by your GP that you have elevated cholesterol, it's time to take action. This piece gives helpful information and lifestyle tips.

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Diet dos and don’ts for breastfeeding – advice from a midwife on what your body needs

From hydration to calories and what to avoid, this piece is an easy and informative read.

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Brain health: Eat your way to better cognitive health

Diet plays a fundamental role in maintaining heart health and energy levels, but what about our brains? This article talks about the importance of food choices for cognitive support.

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An expert's guide to beating brain fog

Health psychologist and neuroscientist at Trinity College Dublin shares her wisdom on identifying and tackling brain fog.

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Best supplements for over 30s: An all-round pill to improve mood, bones and brain health

Hitting your 30s may see a variety of ailments ensue. This article shines a light on one particular mineral to support health in your 30s and beyond.

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