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News Focus - March 2021

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Grapes may act as an edible sunscreen: Study

Research reveals that these delicious fruity jewels contain compounds with significant photoprotective properties, which may offer an additional layer of protection from the sun’s rays.

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Curcumin supplementation may support women diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome

Compounds derived from the wonder spice turmeric; curcumin show positive effects on insulin resistant patients. Promising news for PCOS sufferers.

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How to live longer: Garlic and ginger can support health

Boost the flavour of your home cooking and support overall health, it’s a win win!

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Rhodiola rosea: A phytomedicinal overview

Get the 101 on this extensively studied adaptogen which has myriad health supporting properties.

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How to live longer: Four simple dietary decisions that are proven to support longevity

Do your ears prick at the mention of living a longer, healthier life? Then this article will interest you as we get the lowdown on the most important dietary decisions from a leading nutritionist.

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Children’s vision health: Screen time

Screen-based digital technology plays a significant role in our lives these days. It comes with many benefits, of course. But there are negatives too, especially where children are concerned, read on for helpful advice.

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Cognitive health: Mild cognitive impairment

Most of us experience a bit of forgetfulness from time to time, but when does mild cognitive impairment become more serious?

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How to stay healthy during Ramadan

The busy time of Ramadan is approaching (12th April). This article shares useful advice from the Ramadan Health Guide on how to support health and wellbeing over this period of reflection.

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