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News Focus - June 2020

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Immunity and the Mind: Finding our Way Through Challenge and Crisis

An interesting piece focused on supporting the immune system via a focused mindset. With tips on how a few simple changes can all make a real change to our daily routine.

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Review: Plant pigment can significantly reduce blood pressure

A new review has concluded that intake of the flavonoid quercetin can greatly reduce high blood pressure in patients suffering from cardiovascular disease. Based on an 8-week participant study.

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Hair loss treatment: Have you tried taking this vitamin? It may prove effective

Losing a lot of hair quickly can be immensely distressing. This small research study examined the role that vitamin E played in preventing this loss.

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What are essential oils and how can I use them?

From wellbeing to household hygiene essential oils have so much to offer. Take a look into the detail of how these powerful plant extracts are created and how to use them.

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Weight loss: Experts reveal the best time to drink apple cider vinegar

This piece explores the role of apple cider vinegar in achieving weight loss goals when combined with a healthy diet plan and regular exercise.

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How to get rid of spots: take this natural supplement daily to clear up your acne

Triumphant results revealed after an eight-week study of participants taking zinc supplements to tackle acne. With 80 to 100 percent noting a reduction in pimples.

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High blood pressure – the best essential oil to lower your risk of deadly hypertension

It's crucial that you make a few lifestyle changes to lower your blood pressure, if you have hypertension. Read more to discover how lavender oil inhalation maybe helpful.

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How to cope with bereavement

Bereavement can make you physically ill, but it can affect your emotional health too. Learn coping strategies and where to fine help in this sensitive article.

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