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News Focus - January 2022

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Best supplements for supporting liver health

If you are one of the estimated 6.5 million people planning on taking part in Dry January then the chances are you’ve given a thought to your liver health. Learn some liver-loving facts and some popular supplements taken to support this hard-working organ.

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Diabetes: The nutrient-dense superfood that lowers blood sugar levels by 39% - study

Good health starts with a good diet and it is also the basis of maintaining balanced blood sugar levels. Certain foods may help reduce blood sugar levels; one such food is chia seeds. This study supported article explains the value in these tiny, yet nutrient dense super-seeds.

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The five vital vitamins you probably aren’t getting enough of this winter

Now that winter is well and truly here, with frosty mornings and darker hours, there are certain nutrients we should prioritise to maintain good health over the colder months. This editorial highlights the top five vitamins we should consider and which foods are the best source.

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Micronutrient blend said to support vision by reducing eye ‘floaters,’ says study

Although there are many ways to prevent the onset of eye floaters, emerging research suggests a diet rich in micronutrients – most notably, zinc, l-lysine and vitamin C – may improve vision by reducing eye floaters in individuals who already struggle with them. Read on to find out how these nutrients play a part in eye health.

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Two common drinks to ‘avoid’ directly before taking a popular mineral supplement – NHS

Iron helps with the formation of blood, it helps to make red blood cells, essential for carrying oxygen around the body. However, did you know that certain drinks can inhibit or enhance the absorption of iron? This article reveals all.

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Omega-3 and arthritis: Study finds link between fish consumption and joint health

This science-based short piece highlights the importance of dietary sources of omega 3s in patients with mobility challenges. It is widely recognised that 2-3 portions of oily fish per week host health benefits – time to up-your-intake?

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Poor eyesight diet: The six best foods to support eye health

It seems us Brits, in fact almost 80% of us, say they are scared of losing their sight. Thankfully there are interventions we can make on a dietary level that can help support vision health. Read on to find out some of the top fare for optical health.

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Adapting your lifestyle to your menstrual cycle could ease symptoms — here’s how

Did you know that the average woman will go through around 456 menstrual cycles in her lifetime? Menstrual health is not often top topic which makes this feature a vanguard of a read. Syncing diet and lifestyle — including exercise, social life, work and events — around your cycle may help to alleviate symptoms. Read on for more insights.

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Vitamin C for arthritis: How can it help?

Age affects mobility vitality but what interventions are helpful in maintaining our flexible health for longer? This investigation into the effects of vitamin C and arthritis suffers has us reaching for fruit and vegetables as they highlight the importance of vital vitamins in connection with joint health.

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