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News Focus - February 2022

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Could GRAPES support heart health in just four weeks?

Like other fruits, grapes contain antioxidants called polyphenols - compounds naturally present in plants - which are said to contribute to blood vessel health and good circulation. This exciting new study affirms that theory but expands on the benefits of eating grapes – results show that they have gut health supporting properties too.

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High blood pressure: Low levels of nutrient may increase your risk

High blood pressure affects nearly 5 million people in Britain, and the best advice still remains to focus on exercise and a healthy diet. However, low vitamin D levels may also have a part to play in this pernicious condition, find out more here.

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Best supplements: Ayurvedic herb may support cardiovascular health

The world of complimentary herbal interventions is making headlines again. This article focuses on one herb in particular which shows promising potential as a neuroprotective and neurodegenerative supplement.

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Long Covid: The supplement that could help with the long-term effects of the coronavirus

As light begins to shine at the end of the pandemic tunnel, we still cannot close the door on the aftermath of COVID-19. For those suffering the affects of long COVID the battle is not over. A study published recently gives hope to those still challenged post-pandemic, and it’s not just a gut feeling.

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High cholesterol: The diet which can lower cholesterol by 30% - major study finding

According to experts in medicine, plant-based diets lower cholesterol levels “more effectively” than other diets. Take a look at this editorial to learn what to include and exclude in your diet to help maintain cardiovascular fitness.

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More omega-3s makes for healthier conformation of red blood cells, study finds

The shape and width of blood cells is important but not something we think of every day. Consider this, if a blood cell has a good distribution in size and shape it moves more freely through the circulatory system. This study looks into the effects omega 3 fats, EPA and DHA have on blood cells and consequently, overall health.

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Vitamins and supplements: Best tablets to take to support health in winter

Nutrition expert gives a concise round-up of what nutrients can be helpful over the colder months. Recommended food sources and advice for those with SAD (Seasonal Anxiety Disorder) included.

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Blood pressure supplements: Four tablets that could slash your risk of hypertension

Lifestyle choices are still the primary consideration for those looking to support their health and wellbeing, but there are nutrients that confer health benefits which work in tandem with this regimen. Read on to discover the supplements you could be missing out on.

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