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News Focus - December 2020

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Free Vitamin D pills for 2.5 million vulnerable in England

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient for maintaining bone, muscle and immune health. With little to no sunlight exposure for those in residential care this important action will go a long way towards supporting the health of vulnerable people.

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Honey for coughs could fight antibiotic over-prescription, flags study

Honey has been a part of our wellness arsenal for many years. Some natural remedies for colds and coughs should not be dismissed, as this study suggests.

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The truth about immunity and vitamin c supplements

Vitamin C does have some powerful health benefits, such as contributing to the maintenance of the normal function of the immune system, but there’s so much more to this nifty nutrient.

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Steps to staying well in lockdown

Lockdown measures have had a profound effect on our physical, emotional and mental health, so finding ways to support our wellness is important. Read on for some easy to achieve tips to staying well during lockdown.

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Food as Medicine: Cashew

Whether you enjoy cashews raw as a snack, as a milk alternative or nut butter, it’s likely they’ve found their way into your diet somewhere. A great origin story peppered with historical notes and nutritional details.

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Medical expert reveals `food is medicine’ in supporting the immune system

The immune system requires adequate nutrients to function at its optimal level. A poor diet may leave you susceptible to illness. This column provides dietary advise and nutritional detail on how to support the immune system through food.

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Ageing brain: Soy isoflavone may slow rate of white matter lesions and cognitive impairment

A study into dietary soya and how it may support cognitive health, based on 91 subjects aged 75-89, with interesting results.

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Best supplements for seniors: Four recommended vitamins and minerals for people over 50

Certain vitamins and minerals become more important as we age, especially if it’s a struggle to eat a nutritious diet all the time. This editorial focuses on the nutrients that confer health-supporting effects for the over 50’s.

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