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News Focus - August 2021

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From calorie counts to carb ratios, we reveal the maths of midlife nutrition

Midlife nutrition has received its fair share of coverage in the media this month, with good cause. Knowing the facts and stats in this editorial might just be the tools you need to make positive changes for a longer, healthier life.

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Best supplements: A pill to support levels of good LDL cholesterol and lower bad HDL levels

Though cholesterol serves an important purpose in the body, too much of the ‘bad’ kind can block your arteries and leave you vulnerable to circulatory and cardiac diseases. In this article a humble B vitamin takes centre stage.

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A detailed look at artichoke

This all-inclusive account of artichoke - with longstanding use for digestive support - is a historical joy to read, from origin to Greek folk medicine to the present day. This fascinating plant could even become a model crop for climate change adaptation.

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EPA-rich fish oil supports cognitive performance for healthy, young adults: RCT

Considering cognitive health is not exclusive to mature adults, healthy young adults care are also encouraged to take brain health seriously. This 26-week study gives plenty of reasons why cognitive function should be a priority for all ages, with results showing improved accuracy and cognitive speed when supplementing with fish oils.

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Men’s health: Mental health and wellbeing

Everyone needs good mental fitness; men are no exception. If you or someone you know is struggling with their emotional health this article will offer good advice on how to help. Includes nutritional tips.

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Nutrition tips: how our nutritional needs change as we age

Our nutritional requirements change as we age so it’s important to make dietary tweaks to support optimal wellbeing. As this article suggests, prioritising protein and plant-based foods are key, take a look for more useful information.

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Burnout: How your diet can help

Taking the time to think about your nutrition will support your long-term health and happiness. Within this article are dietary suggestions, natural remedies and an easy to achieve approach to wellbeing.

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Goji berries for good health

Incorporating a daily helping of dried goji berry into a healthy diet can improve blood lipid-lipoprotein profile.

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