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News Focus - September 2022

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Children’s health: Coughs, colds and sore throats

If your child seems to be catching every bug that’s going around, it may be distressing but it’s also normal. After all, their bodies are still developing an immune system. From how infections spread to when to see a doctor, everything you need to know about these common conditions can be found here.

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What are the benefits of protein?

A large, complex molecule found in almost every tissue – organs, muscles, bones, skin, hair and nails – protein is essential to the basic functioning of the human body. No wonder it’s called the building block of all life. In this article, we take a closer look at the benefits of protein.

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Children’s health: Growing pains

Despite their name, they don’t seem to have anything to do with the growing process itself, so what are growing pains and what causes them? This piece covers all concerns, gives helpful advice and practices to adopt to support children with growing pains.

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4 Underrated vitamins for problem skin

Many of us are aware of the vitamins commonly associated with healthy skin, vitamins A, C and zinc. But if you’ve got these covered, what other nutrients could you consider to further advance your skin health? This article shines a spot light on 4 nutrients which might be helpful, especially if you have problem skin.

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What food can support flexibility and mobility?

Yes, certain foods can support healthy movement, as this article explains. With some dietary tweaks and plenty of water to maintain hydration you could see improvements in your mobility. For easy to follow, sage advice, read on.

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Scientists discover that a certain nutrient supports anti-ageing

The body’s processes naturally produce waste products known as free radicals, some are useful, some are not and it’s the latter that are thought to contribute to ageing. Helpful nutrients with antioxidant properties are important for fighting these damaging compounds. Read on to discover one nutrient that might be particularly helpful.

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The key nutrient that could cut the risk of cognitive decline - many lack it

Experts at the Health & Food Supplements Information Service have deemed one essential nutrient to help maintain cognitive health, and the chances are you’ve heard about it, it may even be a regular part of your diet. We’re strong advocates of this nutrient and once you’ve read the evidence we’re sure you will be too.

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Exam Stress: How to deal with and reduce study stress

For many young learners the 11+ exam, although over, may have been their first encounter with assessment anxiety. Just like preparing for an exam with study is fundamental to performance, mental preparation is also important. Getting into a healthy routine and adopting some simple techniques could be key in managing exam and study stress. Discover more here.

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